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Circa Leather iPad Foldover Notebook 3.5 5 13 13
Perfect for everyday use The secret is to replace the 1" discs with 2" or larger. This gives enough space for the iPad & your documents. I use it to hold my Circa Agenda for the year, so I have paper & digital at hand. November 13, 2014
Just Okay Product is a little disappointing - cover occasionally pops of the rings and it is a little bulky with the iPad. November 6, 2014
Great Ipad/notebook holder The quality of the leather is good and it is very pretty. I haven't used it much yet but am looking forward to it and eventually buying the planner pages as well. September 4, 2014
Circa Ipad Notebook I was very happy to find something that would hold my IPad and a note book or planner since I still need to write some of my notes. I do like it alot, however I would have preferred something that zips up to hold everything in. September 4, 2014
Beautiful if it worked.... I love most all of my Levenger items, but this one has been a disappointment. With the iPad installed the covers pop off the rings, so I removed the iPad with the same results. Putting in larger rings do not help, they still pop off and I have to reinstall the covers. I don't have a lot in this notebook so I was really disappointed with the performance of the item. There seems to be a design issue with this product. June 10, 2014
Circa IPad Foldover Notebook I must echo the fact that the design of the notebook is seriously flawed. I should have listened to the other reviews and go with something else. As mentioned, the left side is way too heavy with the IPad in it. I would return it, but believe its over the timeframe to do. I have the leather zipped, but sometimes I need something a little smaller, I'll get the junior and figure out what to do with this one later. May 25, 2014
Not iPad ready I have to echo my concerns about how the current Circa construction is not compatible with the weight of an iPad. I am very sorry that I cannot use it except flat on a desk, and the weight has pulled apart my Circa to the point of ruining it. I have read your comments about re-engineering this design, and I hope you do, because the concept is wonderful. The execution, however, is sub-par. February 7, 2014
iPad Notebook I was a little disappointed in that my iPad was too heavy for the left side of the notebook. It has separated several times because of the weight of the iPad and only works comfortably at a desk - not when I'm walking around in classrooms and trying to access both sides. December 15, 2013
It works! Although it would be better if you could prop the notebook, the combination works. You don't have to carry 2 separate items. December 15, 2013
Love it And hope my Sister will too! New job, and new Ipad - this should help out! Love the Levenger quality! December 8, 2013
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