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Circa Leverage Punch
  • Circa Leverage Punch
  • Circa Leverage Punch
  • Circa Leverage Punch
  • Circa Leverage Punch
  • Circa Leverage Punch
  • Circa Leverage Punch
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Circa Leverage Punch

Price: $79.00
Item: ADS6190
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Increase your Circa Punch power by 150%
The Circa Leverage Punch is the ultimate Circa tool for those who rely on the Circa system to organize their lives. This heavy-duty Circa Punch provides the convenience of punching up to 15 sheets at a time almost effortlessly, making Circa organization easier and faster than ever. This powerful punch will save valuable time for avid Circa users.
  • Punches up to 15 sheets of regular copy paper at a time
  • Designed with paper guides for all Circa sizes, from Micro PDA to Letter
  • Powerful lever technology makes punching almost effortless
  • Locking handle keeps it compact on your desk or in your drawer
  • Ideal for creating large quantities of reports for meetings and presentations
  • Translucent Covers and Circa Discs available in quantity
  • Powerful spring-loaded mechanism — handle with care
  • Easy how-to-instructions included
  • 13 1/4W x 3 3/4D x 4H; 4.6 pounds
   Assembly instructions
Circa Leverage Punch 4.8 5 23 23
Circa Punch The Circa Punch is very well made and seems as if it will hold up well over time. The overall system is very nice and will be a lifelong tool to help you stay organized. I use this in a research and development lab environment and could not do without it. Data and notes can be accessed and organized as needed. March 8, 2014
Best Punch Love this punch. So easy to use and better capacity. I am currently creating so many 'books' for work. February 3, 2014
Perfect Punch If you really want to be able to create your own notebooks, then you need this punch. I have cut the covers off of other notebooks, punched them, and am using them to create my own personalized notebooks using pages that I downloaded from various sites and then punched to fit. Am looking forward to creating notebooks of all sizes and purposes. I used my $40 gift card I received from Levenger, after ordering the circa sample kit, to purchase this punch for only $40. Great deal! February 1, 2014
Organizing for growth Purchased several circa accessories to build out our acquisition books for our business. Could have gone with 3 ring binders but wanted something better and that would take up less space. February 1, 2014
I'm OBSESSED with Levenger! I have been very busy making books since discovering Levenger that I just HAD to get this whole puncher because the travel single page just wasn't sufficient for the creation of all these new books! LOVE this puncher! It effortlessly punches though many pages at one time and is a significant upgrade to the single page puncher I have been using for a few weeks now. Love it! January 4, 2014
Love love love it! I was given a circa notebook by a coworker and ordered this punch to be able to add to my book. I couldn't wait for it to come and I have used it every day since it arrived. I love the circa books and love that this punch allows me to put any paper I need into my book! December 28, 2013
All it can be! I bought this punch to organize the handouts and syllabi for the college classes I teach and my financial statements. It works great. It really is a product of superior quality. I purchased it after comparing other punches (arc and rollabind). This one is a bit more expensive, but the quality of the product makes it worth it. December 16, 2013
Very impressed I recently purchased this punch after debating for quite some time over whether it would be worth the price. I have to say it is definitely worth it! It is very heavy duty and easily punches through multiple sheets of paper. Anything I punch looks store-bought and does not have the indentations often left by regular hole punchers. It punches all the circa sizes, even with a setting for the jotlet size paper. My only critique is that you must keep your hand flat on the lever when you punch, otherwise the lever pinches your hand/fingers. Very happy overall! December 10, 2013
Great Punch!! I ordered the Circa Leverage punch to use with my ARC notebooks. I decided on this one over the ARC brand because of the great reviews!! This on e punches slightly bigger, so the pages tun very smoothly. I like that I can punch many pages at once and even laminated pages with ease. Super easy to use! October 20, 2013
Excellent! The short: the Circa Leverage Punch is the one you want! I have punched through some very thick stacks of paper with this baby! It is excellent! The long: While searching the internet for "the perfect college binder", I kept seeing references to Levenger Circa in the pages I was reading. So I took a chance with the Levenger Circa Starter Kit, which was sort of a combination of everything I was hoping to find on the internet! And then almost immediately after assembling the kit, I realized I needed to find a capable punch that I could use to put my coursework into the binder, without using pre-punched sheet protectors for the hundred-something pages of work per class I had to account for from the first crucial weeks of school (that would just be way too thick of a binder - multiplied by the 5 classes I'm in - plus my laptop for computer science class)! I then found the various punches available from Levenger! Function: The other punches that Levenger offers seemed to be very nice for light use; however, I really needed something that could, sort of, shark-bite through loads of paper at a time. So taking another leap-of-faith, I chose this version of their punch: The Circa Leverage Punch. I was happily adding just about everything to my binder in a short time after figuring out exactly what can be punched by this beast: plain-old 3-ring ruled paper (though it won't work in a 3-ring anymore!), tons of printer sheets, and index cards; and what it can't punch through well: like thin plastic sheet protectors (it makes sense to me now, because the plastic is so thin it just kind of gums up the punch system and the pins get stuck). Experience: My colleagues and I have to submit journals of our lab work in the courses I'm in and when I whipped out my Levenger Circa binder my lab partner, with a totally stunned look on his face goes, "You're going to make us all look bad!" Thanks: I do work very hard to perfect my schoolwork and I very much appreciate being able to show as much professionalism as I can when it comes to what I hand over to my professors. I couldn't be more pleased with the Levenger Circa system! This Leverage Punch is excellent and is exactly what I was hoping it would be! Thanks, Levenger!! October 8, 2013
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