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Circa Monthly Tabs Pullout Calendar Junior 4.6 5 20 20
1st Day of the Week I've lived with the monthly tabs for a year, and am trying them for another. It has been difficult to make the switch to having Monday on the left with Saturday / Sunday combination on the right side. I've recorded appointments on the wrong day more than once as a result of this arrangement. I'm a church organist as well as a teacher. My week starts on Sunday, not Monday. Please consider creating another layout - one that starts with Sunday - in addition to the one currently offered. A Friday/Saturday end of the week might be a better choice - at least for some of us. November 22, 2008
Too slippery I love all of my circa stuff except for these calendar pages. The coating means that you can't write on them with a roller ball pen because the ink will smear before it dries. February 29, 2008
Practical & Flexible Circa's monthly tabs makes managing my personal and home activities easier in two seperate books, providing more room for adding ruled paper or other subject tabs. February 29, 2008
The Circa calendar fits in my purse or briefcase, therefore it is always available. I print out the daily, weekly and monthly calendars from my Outlook calendar on the computer so that I don't have to carry the calendar with me or worry about running low on battery power to know what my next appointment is. February 2, 2008
Practical This is the second year I am using the monthly tabs and they are a very useful way to jot down appointments, check dates, and remind myself of deadlines. Some form of colour would be great (stickers perhaps?) but as it is now, the tabs are a very practical addition to my Circa junior. February 1, 2008
Calendar Pullout I love the Levenger has new tools to compete with the other planner companies. But the calendar pullout is totally useless! Can you make a pullout that shows all months in calendar view? It's completely un-intuitive to view months in a linear view. December 31, 2007
Lifesaver The monthly and pull-out calendar system is a lifesaver for my on-the-go traveling lifestyle. March and April can go along - the others stay home. Yet I still have the full-year pull-out to check future dates! December 5, 2007
Great Quality No tearouts or mushed up tabs even after a year of use! November 29, 2007
I love Circa I actually use these tabs as an abbreviated journal. November 29, 2007
Plenty of room Plenty of room in each square (day of week)...more than any other planner I've had. No distracting colors, unnesessary trivia. Great calendar...only wish it was available from June to June instead of just January to December. November 29, 2007
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