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Circa 5-Subject Annotation Ruled Notebook

Price: $39.00
Item: ADS6180
Circa: The versatile 5-subject notebook
Put your right-hand page in, take your right-hand page out...with Circa, you can press the page back into your notebook as if it had never been gone. And now, our world-renowned Circa 5-subject notebooks are even better than before.
  • Includes 5 white plastic tab dividers and 10 adhesive labels
  • Substantial, archive-quality 90-gsm paper
  • Warm white paper stock
  • Meticulously tested and selected for quality for use with all Levenger inks
  • Each notebook has a reversible flysheet with a box for topic or title
  • Preassembled with 150 sheets
  • 1-inch discs can hold 150 sheets total
  • Annotation-ruled format offers an extra-wide left margin for making notes as per the Cornell method of note-taking
  • Printed with gray ruled lines and heading boxes for subjects and dates
  • Letter: Paper, 8 1/2W x 11H; cover with 11 discs, 9 5/8W x 1/2D x 11 1/4H, 2.3 pounds

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Circa 5Subject 14 Ruled Notebook Letter 4.8 5 9 9
Great Career Investment Really incredible system - keeps me organized! August 17, 2013
Great for work I bought this for work as I am on several different committees and needed a method of organization. This works perfectly and is convenient for carrying. July 6, 2013
good starter Great value, esp for someone first starting to use Circa system. Wish there was a junior size of this, and other color options would be nice too. July 1, 2013
best buy Of all the Circa products I have purchased, this is by far the most comprehensive buy. Just wish there were other color options. May 20, 2013
Multi Projects There's nothing better for juggling multiple projects!! October 22, 2008
Revolutionary 5-Subject Notebook! I purchased the Circa 5-Subject 1/4" Ruled Notebook for a 14-week wine class that I just completed at Boston University. Having this notebook changed the way I take notes for my class in such a great way. I was able to organize the notebook around the class instead of trying to jam everything into a standard 5-Subject notebook. Now that I'm done with the class, it is a terrific resource that I'll use for years to come. Thank you Levenger! October 22, 2008
It's the best system EVER!! I have been been a serious note taker for as long as I can remember. I have tried every system imaginable, to no avail. Then I was introduced to the Circa system and I am hooked! Now anytime I pull out my notebook, I am always bombarded with questions about it...so much so, that have introduced the system to my colleagues who are now absolutely addicted! Everytime my business travels take me to one of the cities where there is a Levenger store, I have to make sure I stop by. I am now a notebook snob, because nothing else will do! November 18, 2007
It's a Hit! I bought the Circa notebook, along with storyboards, to-do list, project planner and eventually the year long calendar. This whole system has worked very well for me. I also bought dividers. I used a label maker for the dividers and have marked areas as Voice Mail, Listings, Buyers, Showing Log, To-Do, Storybooks, and Project Planner. I use this system every single day to keep track of all of my voicemails, my homes that I have on the market, and the buyers that I am working with. It's kept me organized beyond belief and everything is at my fingertips. I love the entire Circa system. October 18, 2007
Circa is what I've been looking for. I have spent the last three years at school, quarter by quarter, trying out all kinds of note-taking materials. I have used my laptop in class, recorded lectures, used flip-back pads, used loose leaf paper, used engineering paper, used Moleskine notebooks, and of coursed used binders. None fulfills its purpose well. Loose leaf paper can get lost and be soiled if it leaves a binder. One cannot arrange notes (especially if one misses a class) or insert handouts into a spiral notebook. And three-ring notebooks are large, heavy, clumsy when taking notes, and the pages rip out. I just got this Circa book and its solves all these problems. It is fantastic! October 7, 2007
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