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Circa Weekly Agenda Refill Junior 2012 2.3 5 17 17
What Happened? I have been ordering the Circa Agenda for many years, but what happened in 2012? The months are no longer separated by the monthly view. I counted on the two-page spread month at a glance. This may be my last year ordering a Circa Agenda if I can find another system with the monthly view. January 26, 2012
For a Contrasting Opinion... Just to offset the previous reviews I just wanted to say I have always liked and still like my Levenger Agenda book. But I should say I did not use the column that used to be on the left side of the weekly pages nor did I use the month at a glance. They moved the collum to the right side (and highlighted it) and I can still see how the month looks by the bottom right side of the weekly page. But that is just me and I know change can sometimes not be taken well. Personally would like the pages to keep a more modern look similar to the 2012 design but it appears that Levenger has already chosen to revert back to the 2011 design. January 6, 2012
Disaster - Avoid I wish I had read other reviews prior to making my annual order. Not only possible, but likely, person who designed this never actually used a calendar before. The months have no separation, so the extra tabs have to be fit in "mid-week." As a long standing and loyal Levenger customer, my faith is deeply shaken. Instead of fixing in 2013, they should re-print and send replacement 2012 versions as soon as practicable. January 4, 2012
Why was this changed? I love the junior agenda but am disappointed that the small column to the left of each date is no longer there in this version of the agenda. It worked really well for me to keep track of times so I did not double book. Might seem like a small thing, but it made a BIG difference to me. Wonder why it was changed? December 10, 2011
New Isn't Better Add me to the list of long-time weekly agenda users who are unhappy with this year's redesign. Just like everybody else, I really miss the monthly spreads, and don't want to pay extra for functionality that used to be included, and that I have come to depend on. I find the monthly spreads to be very helpul during the current year as a way of seeing the bigger picture, and then I also keep last year's monthly pages in my agenda for reference. But beyond the missing monthly pages, my other big disappointment is the way many sections of the agenda 'bleed together' -- where the end of one section is on one side of a single sheet, and the start of a different section is on the reverse side of that same sheet. The problem with that is that you can't rearrange the sections to meet your needs. But wait - isn't that the beauty of Circa? If I wanted to use my agenda in YOUR order, I might as well use something spiral bound. I really like all the different sections (including monthly) that come with the weekly agenda, but please, bite the bullet and and a few "blank" sides in here and there so the sections can be rearranged at whim. Yes, it's a few more pages, but if I wanted the minimalist approach, I'd just use my smart phone instead of a paper agenda anyway. I still like paper! December 5, 2011
underwhelmed Apparently I should have read the reviews rather than relying on my previous experience. I have used the Junior agenda for my personal schedule for years. Last year I tried the month per spread and it wasn't enough room for me. I ordered the weekly planner for 2012, but the first thing I noticed when it arrived was that single-sheet calendar at the start of each month isn't included! It's an important feature for me as I plan my year and I'm sorry to have it gone. I'm happy with the quality and layout of the agenda and know it'll be an invaluable tool, but I'm sorry that this one detail was eliminated. December 3, 2011
Please correct this by 2013! First, Levenger Customer Service made it "right" and provided me monthly calendar inserts (2-page per month) to provide some one the previous functionality. This adds considerable thickness to the Junior agenda. My greatest concern is the depth of cut for the notches. They are not as deep as previous agendas and not as deep as normal replacement pages. The perforated page corners are now straight like a DayTimer or DayRunner. The overall paper color and quality are changed. There are fewer agendas in the USA that cost most than Levenger. I think of it as a gift to myself. 2012 is my last year with the agenda if the quality does not return to previous levels---or the price decreases by 50%. December 1, 2011
Disappointed Wow. . . I'm a long time Circa customer, and I just received my 2012 Agenda. No cover, no rings, no tabs, no monthly pages. It's like ordering a turkey sandwich and only getting the turkey - the bread, mayo, lettuce & tomato are ala carte! November 8, 2011
Jr. Size 2012 Weekly Agenda Very disappointed that the "monthly" pages have been discontinued for the 2012 JUNIOR WEEKLY AGENDA refill packet. Have used the Circa Jr. agenda for several years & have always liked both the weekly & monthly pages for this purchase & dollar amount. Now have to order month pages separately, which costs extra. November 6, 2011
Love the new format I see that many are complaining about the new format; and I get that everyone has different needs. Although it appears Levenger has done EXACTLY what I had hoped they would with the 2012 agenda. I was tearing out the monthly pages and hoping it would flow smoothly from one week to the next. ** I like having my monthly section together and tabbed for quick access.** I keep about three months in my agenda. So I always purchased the separate monthly tabbed calendar. For $20 (the price of a lunch out) -- a year it's totally worth it to me. I understand you're going back to the old format in 2013 and I'm disappointed.... but I will enjoy my 2012 agenda!! October 19, 2011
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