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Circa Jotlet™ Translucent Notebook

Price: $6.00
Item: ADS6175
The reporter notebook, Circa style
Enjoy our award-winning Circa note-taking system in a in a conveniently-sized 3 x 5 jotter that's small enough to slip into a pocket or purse. As always with Circa, you can remove and rearrange the cards as needed, and transfer and secure the cards in larger Circa notebooks.
  • Reversible flysheet with box for topic or title
  • Includes 30 white Circa-punched 3 x 5 cards, ruled on both sides
  • Cover flips over reporter-style so it can be used with either hand
  • Translucent plastic cover with three 1/2-inch black discs
  • Strong, sturdy card stock
  • 3W x 5H
Circa Jotlet Notebook 5 5 4 4
Love my monogrammed Circa Jotlet! I'm a fan of all the Circa products. This item fits perfectly in my purse and holds all of my day-to-day lists. July 20, 2013
The little notebook that could A product that is made so simple is so very useful. I use these notebooks to organize all my daily tasks. I would recomend this notebook for use by a single person as well as a large organazation.Very well done! May 4, 2013
Amazing product I am a new Circa fan and I love this product because it is small enough to keep in my purse. I wish there was a leather cover for this so that it looked more sophiscated than just the plastic cover. Also I have to use a rubber band so it does not open up in my purse....could definitely use a more sophiscated cover. I would so buy it!! June 19, 2012
Always with me ... Yes, I have a Circa letter-size notebook that contains my agenda and "To Do" lists. But do I really want to mix my business "To Do" list with my personal shopping list (at multiple stops)? This PDA is for all the personal "To Do" lists and does that beautifully. I keep 3x5 cards Circa punched, record things as I think of them, then move them to the PDA ... and that goes with me into the shop ... or when I return calls. Elegant idea, simple execution. ... and I use a two-loop pen holder to make certain I have a writing implement ... September 16, 2011
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