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Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda Refill, Letter

Price: $34.00
Item: SPR05
Please allow 3-5 business days to prepare your order (plus shipping time)
The start-anytime Circa weekly agenda refill with a vertical weekly format
Customers who loved our original letter-size Circa Weekly Agenda format are in luck--this Circa Agenda features a vertical weekly format for your scheduling needs. Choose any month to begin your day planner.
  • 12-month agenda, starting any month you choose
  • Includes monthly breaks where you can add tab dividers to stay organized
  • One week per spread, Monday–Sunday
  • Time slots from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Monday–Friday
  • Monthly planning calendar at the start of each month
  • Personal information page
  • Birthdays and anniversaries page
  • Undated future planning pages
  • Note pages
  • International dialing codes
  • 4-year at-a-glance calendars
  • Durable 60-lb. text stock
  • Letter size: 8 1/2W x 11H
Circa Weekly Vertical Format Agenda Refill LTR 3.6 5 5 5
Hovering around the Target I love Levenger. I've been one of your most enthusiastic Lev-angelists for a long time. I want to love this planner. Your designers put the 2 page/month spread between the months, which is great. But they aren't cardstock with tabs! What were they thinking? The paper is just as thin as the "new and improved" calendar pages - worse than useless! And why did they print the pages on such paper in the first place? The Circa brand used to be synonymous with substantial paper that can take good ink without feathering. I hate to break it to you, but this product only tarnishes your reputation. You'd get extra points by starting the day before bankers' hours - how 'bout those of us who get going at 4 am? A 24 hour version or a version that allows one to fill in the times to fit one's schedule would be welcome... March 21, 2013
Great Planner I love this planner and have used it for years. However, I am a little disappointed this year with some of the changes that were made and are hopeful that they can be fixed for next year! The paper is thinner this year, and because I use my planner so much, it doesn't feel like it's going to hold up as well as the thicker paper from years past. Certain pens bleed through, and even using a pencil indents onto the next page. I'd love to see the thicker paper back. I also don't love the "monthly views" that break up the weeks, but I know a lot of other people like those, so I just take those pages out, or tape them together so that I can just have week to week to week. I also miss the tear-away perforated edges this year--I'll just have to cut the bottom edge off after each week. I still love this product, and will order it again, and will hope that next year it will at least be on the heavier paper from last year! January 2, 2013
Still missing Paper IS lighter weight but what bothers me is still no full month calendar (big enough for notes) on ONE page! They do have each month on a two page spread now but I liked the old format better. November 2, 2012
Disappointed by the Weight The vertical-style weekly format is perfect for me, but why, oh why, have you changed the weight of the paper? This year's is MUCH lighter than last year's, and I'm afraid it will affect what kind of pen/highlighters I'll be able to use with it. October 20, 2012
Close, but no cigar! I love that the 2-page calendar is integrated into the weekly pages - a real improvement over the previous year's calendar. BUT... Why would you not put a tab on the monthly pages??? I don't just work in the present, I'm usually into the future. I have to paw through the agenda to find each 2-page monthly calendar, as it currently is presented. Now, in order for me to have tabs, you are willing to sell me $24 monthly tabs that are redundant. I'm guessing that they are the higher quality tabs that my last agenda had, but I really don't need to insert a additional calendar between the halves of the calendar pages my new 2-page agenda. What a mess! I'm already hating my agenda, even before my first entry. Yet, I am scheduling that far ahead, so I'll keep it. I should have noticed this flaw in the photos. Unless changes are made, this will be my last of this product. September 26, 2012
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