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Circa Bookcloth Notebook 4.5 5 169 169
circa poem roses are red violets are blue don't be a jerka start using circa April 18, 2010
Poem I'm a Circa Star with the silver rings... the envy of those with just the spiral things. In deep dark purple my clothbound book; I take it too meetings colleagues question and look. Get your Circa- Levenger Rocks! It will come to you in an awesome green box. April 15, 2010
Organize your world! I am a middle school teacher and use my circa notebook as lesson plan book, grade book, and a wee little section for my personal calendar. It is such a powerful tool, and the bookcloth cover is both attractive and really durable. Wouldn't want to work without it. October 22, 2008
Very Functional and Affordable I just added the cloth covers to my growing collection of Cira products. I have both a Compact and a Junior. Great poduct if you are looking for a happy medium between the thin and light plastic covers and the bulky leather. The elastic strap is the key part that sets it apart from the other covers and makes it a winner. You'll never worry about it coming open when it shouldn't. December 11, 2007
Nice cloth feeling I have 1 letter and 2 junior size of this product in 3 different colors (I have purple, blue and pink that has been discontinued). I know which notebook they are by the colors and they add some fun, but not too bright for work. Since they are book-cloth, if you spill something it could stain. I have some stains on mine. I like these notebooks since they are a lot nicer than the plastic one, and chapter than leather kind. The colors are nice, and I really like the cloth-feel. They are nice but casual. The elastic is very good to have, and pockets and pen loops are useful. I wish I had a choice to order just outside part notebooks (with some discount). I have bought 3 letter size and 5 junior size Circa all together in the past, and I have so many ruled papers that came with, and I don't really use them. I don't know what to do. They are too nice to use as scratch papers. I am sure some people use them all the time, but I use other specific refills most of the time. June 5, 2014
Productivity Soaring I should have gotten one of these a long time ago. May 19, 2014
Love Circa This is one of many circa purchases from Levenger. Love the organization and is great for many projects! May 3, 2014
loooove it! very durable and just what i needed! March 22, 2014
Big Plum Bookcloth = Stunning! Why I resisted for so long is beyond me, but I knew, after five junior Circas (plum book cloth, bomber, red leather, and two early plastic editions) (and after given six as gifts), I would have to have the letter size plum book cloth Circa. And the vivacious dividers, and pocket dividers. And Seeing Stripes rubber bands. And graph paper. And . . ., and . . . I've become a Circa junkie! March 10, 2014
Simplifies I bought this to replace my beautiful large leather circa. While I loved the large circa I found carrying this around day after day made my bag too heavy and would have to leave it behind when I carried only a purse. I love the size of the junior and with the correct inserts the product suits my needs--can easily fit in my purse or my tote. However, the cloth cover is a magnet for stains. I opted for cloth to keep the weight down but I sacrificed long-term wear I think. February 25, 2014
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