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Circa Annotation Ruled Notebook, Junior
  • Circa Annotation Ruled Notebook, Junior
  • Circa Annotation Ruled Notebook, Letter
  • Circa Annotation Ruled Notebook, Junior
  • Circa Address Book, Junior, UV Printer Personalization
  • Circa Annotation Ruled Notebook
  • Circa Annotation Ruled Notebook

Circa Annotation Ruled Notebook

Price: $24.00-$29.00
Two or more each
Junior $22 - Letter $27
Item: ADS6220
Circa: Building a better notebook
Put your right-hand page in, take your right-hand page out...with Circa, you can press the page back into your notebook as if it had never been gone. And now, our world-renowned Circa annotation-ruled notebooks are even better than before.
  • Substantial, archive-quality 90-gsm paper
  • Warm white paper stock
  • Meticulously tested and selected for quality for use with all Levenger inks
  • Each notebook has a reversible flysheet with a box for topic or title
  • Preassembled with 60 sheets
  • 1/2-inch discs can hold an additional 20 Circa-punched sheets (80 sheets total)
  • Annotation-ruled format offers an extra-wide left margin for making notes as per the Cornell method of note-taking
  • Printed with gray ruled lines and heading boxes for subjects and dates
  • Sturdy, durable translucent cover
  • Junior: Paper, 5 1/2W x 8 1/2H; cover with 8 discs, 6 5/8 W x 1/2D x 8 5/8H, .4 pounds
  • Letter: Paper, 8 1/2W x 11H; cover with 11 discs, 9 5/8W x 1/2D x 11 1/4H, .9 pounds

Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Circa Annotation 14 Ruled Notebook 5 5 16 16
Worth the price I really like this notebook for two reasons, one of which is that I can write on both sides of the pages with my pen and the paper is thick enough that the ink doesn't leak through. The second is, while plastic, the cover is durable enough that I can have it in my bag every day with everything else that's in there and it doesn't fall apart like the office-supplied notepads do. June 24, 2014
Perfect for Grad School This notebook is SO helpful to get through grad school. It is so easy to take my own notes, print professor's slides, and add any other material I may need to finish a course. I add the dividers and it functions for all of my classes, making it less of a hassle to spend the entire day on campus with minimal luggage. It is the convenience of a 3 ring binder with the ease of a spiral notebook all into one! I would highly recommend for any student at any level. August 15, 2015
Great notebook The Junior size Annotation Ruled notebook is the perfect size to carry around. The ease of removing pages or adding dividers, etc., gives it the versatility to adapt to changing project needs without buying an entirely new notebook. March 27, 2015
Versatile Notebook Then Notebook and its contents has been well received by me and those I've shown it to. The pages can be used to write on or to affix a photo, map or article. The pages can be easily inserted or removed anywhere in the Notebook. More pages can even be added to the Notebook. All of this can be accomplished at a wonderful price. February 5, 2015
Circa First-Timer I have purchased several products from Levenger, i.e. iPad cases, folios, messenger bag, etc. but this was my first experience with Circa. I am a rabid note-taker at church. I find that I retain information and focus better when I'm taking notes. Having previously purchased the Freeleaf Annotation Ruled note pads, I needed a way to organize the notes I had accumulated. I had been wanting to try the Circa system, but felt the price was a little steep. When I received the email notice offering 30 percent off, I figured now was the time. What a great decision on my part AND a great product from Levenger!!! I love the ability to add and remove pages, as well as organize them to my liking. I also purchased some of the dividers. I used the Circa Notebook less than two weeks and was hooked. I've already ordered and received a Circa Smooth Silver notebook (with pockets). The quality of the paper can't be beat! No bleed-through...and an amazingly smooth writing surface. Can't wait for next Sunday! November 6, 2014
Controlled Chaos I keep a few of these notebooks with me in my recording studio. They are perfect for songwriting because notes can get quite messy when inspiration is happening... But at the end of a good writing session, I can pull out the unnecessary pages, shuffle around the "keeper" pages, and go home with a clean, organized notebook (and hopefully a solid song or two!). It's Controlled Chaos for Artists! September 25, 2014
Great Intro to Circa This notebook has great quality paper with durable covers. I am using this with the storyboard and Rhodia meeting refills. For my needs the 1 inch circa discs work best. It makes writing more fun. September 21, 2014
Circa Notebook Letter size I decided to purchase this notebook for the reason I am the secetary in a club at school. I wanted a good notebook to take minutes with. I have purchased a monthly planer and I use it everday. So this is the place to go to for a very nice notebook. Even had my name placed on the cover. Thank you, Levenger for having a nice group of products. September 20, 2014
Great Notebook System I love the Circa System. I have a notebook for each client I see. I am able to switch the pages around easily and take notes at a meeting. If I have to give the client some information, it tears out easily. No three ring notebooks to juggle, and the notebook folds flat. October 12, 2013
Fabulous! I hate using spiral-bound notebooks to take notes for class. I've always wished that I could move the pages around, and I get really irritated when I have those leftover sheets at the end of a notebook - they're not enough for another class the next quarter, but it's enough that I wished I could take them out and add them on to a new notebook so that it's not a waste. I stumbled upon Levenger notebooks as I was searching for a solution to this problem. With this notebook, I can do everything that I wished I could do with regular notebooks! I can even keep all of my notes in one notebook, as I just add blank pages whenever I run out of space for a particular subject. Even better is their deal for this particular notebook - buy two and get them both for a cheaper price. I love it. May 7, 2013
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