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CEO Hybrid for New iPad 3 5 2 2
Works very well with my iPad 2 I have to respectfully disagree with the previous review. While it *was* a bit difficult to use the "stand" functionality the first time or two, the little leather edge "clamps" do loosen up just a little bit with continued use. This makes it easier to slip the corners of the iPad out of the case to use the "stand" feature, without the holder becoming too loose to grip the iPad firmly when the stand is not in use. For reference, I am 55 years old and have lost some of the strength in my hands due to aging and carpal tunnel syndrome. I like this product very much; it makes the iPad much more comfortable to grip. Plus, it just feels much safer than using the iPad without a case. Perhaps the other user has a bulky screen protector installed? I have a very thin one installed on my iPad 2. August 14, 2012
Not What It Should Be Besides the hand strap, this was a horrible purchase. I have an iPad 2 for reference. The iPad didn't fit! Once you put the ipad into the case, the left side has "clamps" that are too tight. It is very difficult to remove these clamps so you can tilt your ipad into a viewing mode. In addition, the "clamps" on the cover present the same problem. When you close the cover, there are "clamps" on the right top and bottom that are supposed to secure your ipad cover closed, but they are so tight that when you try to open your case, it becomes very cumbersome so much that I actually dropped my ipad trying to get this open! I've tried to loosen the clamps, but the material is not flexible enough (which is great and it's what you would want, provided that ipad actually fit into the case!). I've been a Levenger customer for over 10 years and this is the first item I've purchased that I'm not happy with, granted this product is not a Levenger Brand (I've NEVER been anything other than completely satisfied with Levenger Brand items). Truly disappointed. July 25, 2012
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