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Circa Balanced Life Next Action Notebook 3.7 5 3 3
Weird This item is one of many that don't have enough detail in the description so you understand what you are getting. You can use pretty much ANY notepad for this. All you are really buying is a page of guidance. November 10, 2013
Great Addition to Circa System I would definitely recommend this as a tool for recording 'next steps' and tracking action items. For anyone who has not tried the Circa system, this would definitely be 5-star, an ideal way to test this marvelous invention. PROS: The quality of paper is excellent. Very easy to move from one notebook or section to another without damaging. The right-hand annotation, combined with the heavier weight paper, with small but very noticeable bright green stripe, makes it easy to locate these pages in other Circa notebooks, and quickly identify the 'next action' items listed in the annotation block. I find this more flexible, functional and easy on the eyes than the similar Behance pages, where the right hand annotation area is broken into small segments, all with the same solid bright orange or blue color. The header is laid out such that you have a topic line, but can also use the "Notes" line for date, participant names, subtopic, etc. The note section is wider ruled with more subdued (lighter grey) lines, giving it a professional look and eliminating the distraction of some other types of ruled pages. CONS: I did not use intend to use this notebook as a separate tracking system. I put these pages in my existing Circa, which worked very well. However, I still gave it only *** for style, because the green is very bright and not my fave, there are no other color options, and this does not coordinate (or look attractive) with other Circa products. The biggest con is that the refill sheets apparently cannot be ordered separately, and I already have Circa notebooks. Even at sale price, that makes the cost for the sheets themselves, which was the main reason for my purchase, plus a notebook to either store the unused sheets, and/or re-purpose once the sheets are depleted by replacing the cover (e.g. stock with other Circa refill paper and gift) just an "ok" value. I would have a difficult time recommending at the original price for those already using a Circa system, but for those who also need the notebook, the sale price would be a bargain. Except that since you can't purchase refills, and since by nature the Circa notebooks themselves last almost virtually forever (a huge "PRO" to the Circa system), you would have to purchase another notebook you didn't really need when these sheets are depleted. November 10, 2013
Don't Just Think About It...Take the "Next Action" Like many of the products offered by Levenger, this is one that can be as useful for general life activities as well as"for profit-business". These pages are similar to Behance's "Action Method" forms, which I also use, especially when I need to draw diagrams reflecting measurements. I use these primarily for personal projects such as following up on notes taken in one of my discussion groups; notes and ideas that require action when reading a book, planning to rearrange my home; researching for a different automobile, following up on ideas that occurred while studying, et al. Sometimes I keep the pages in the "Next Action" notebook, and sometimes I transfer the pages to the notebook that contains information on an area I'm studying. The format is very versatile and I have found it useful when preparing to write an essay or a lengthy letter. Before I purchased the "Next Action" notebook, I was allocating a sheet of right annotated circa paper (with no headings) for the same purpose. I prefer the Morgenstern forms because of the quality of the paper and the green edging at the top of each sheet, which makes that page stand out in a notebook. I recommend this system for anyone who has many areas in which he/she functions periodically or regularly and who wishes to not forget "brilliant" ideas which cannot be acted on immediately because of other commitments. July 27, 2013
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