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Functional and Stylish I used to carry 2 iPhones (one for work, one personal) along with my Circa notebook. This portfolio now handily carries it all in one. With the unique string-tie closure (nice red accent!) and high quality leather that is smooth to the touch, it not only is functional but beautiful as well. July 31, 2015
a great leather case for my circa planner got this because of the sale price. What a deal! Love the leather quality and features. Not sure about the internal zipper would of been better to hold a note pad along with planner. Nice red touch to the closure and like the flexibility it allows. June 5, 2015
Why not feel elegant at work? Like most people, I spend more hours at work than I wish I did ... and more often than not, I find myself taking notes on a plain yellow legal pad. Now, instead, I take this beautiful notebook with me and get a little frisson of pleasure every time I take it out to take notes. The only thing it can't do is make boring talks any more interesting ... But at least the circa notebook lets me remove and throw away pages from meetings that turned out to be a waste of time! It's beautiful to look at, soft to touch, and very well designed to accommodate extra pages/handouts in the back pocket. The full size is a bit large, so if you're forced to take notes on your lap, as I sometimes am, it can be unwieldy. But using this beautiful folio is still a bright spot in dreary workdays. May 2, 2015
Beautiful and Functional I love my Circa notebooks and my iPad, so this is a perfect way to keep both with me without having to lug a bag or juggle the two. The leather portfolio is a fun look and the leather itself is a beautiful color and so soft. I am very pleased with this purchase. February 12, 2015
Exquisite! I'm surprised not to see more reviews - especially since this is marked down and there are promotions going on! Well, that's at least how I justified purchasing this indulgent item. Let's just be clear, I have a bit of a collection of notebooks, journals, binders, papers.... so I'm not sure how I'm going to use this just yet, I just know it's beautiful and I haven't seen anything in this style made or designed as well. The quality, thickness, texture, softness, and aroma of the leather alone set it apart from any other leather manila envelope folio. To top it off, it's so sturdy and well designed it can be used daily like all Levenger products. So far, it's beautiful and well made so I'm in. As the cherry on top, it has plenty of thoughtful organization in mind so that it functions just as smoothly as it feels. I honestly bought it because it looks so lovely. The photos did not have me super thrilled, but it's so lightweight and subtle in person that I'm glad I took a chance on this guy. If you're wondering if you really need this the answer is no. It's not food or air and it's not uber-utilitarian. More than likely, if you're at all interested in it, you should buy it while you can and if you have to, find a use for it later - or gift it. It's just so lovely, it should not sit on a shelf but rather rest in someone's arms or at worst sit out on a coffee table. I've left the attached photos unfiltered/unedited and though the lighting is dim, it shows true color and texture next to various shades and textures so you can see how soft and luxurious it is while still remaining a little inconspicuous (it's not made out of gold or anything). I think the copper aluminum circa discs are a perfect match not only to the tan leather but to the smart planner color scheme. I also think the oxblood aluminum circa discs would look really nice with the tan and red. You'll notice in the photo and when you receive it that it looks like there is interior padding (there is) and if you leave it empty for a long time I think the leather may look pinched at the corners. Apparently, the padding ends at the edges (where the leather folds) which is lovely and fine, but if you notice it, well it was done on purpose and it will probably mean longer durability and comfort for your folio. At first this bothered me, but the more I investigated this the more I appreciated the design. So lovely. So happy. Do I want the junior size.... January 25, 2015
I love it! It's like butta. 'Buff said. December 25, 2014
Professional, beautiful, with a touch of nostalgia The buttery feel of this portfolio is a pleasure to hold. Once the circa folder is added along with my documents, it can get on the heavy side - also substantial in weight when placed in my laptop bag with my other circa folders. However, to go from mtg to mtg, this cord portfolio is perfect for all my needs .... and when I loop it shut, I get flashes of memories that make me smile. (running through campus during my college years with these same folders made of paper and pre-printed tables so that you can cross out the addresses and write the next - our early attempts at recycling!) I only have one concern regarding personalizing this folder. According to customer service, your initials can only be placed on the right side of the curved flap. When I received it, the personalization did not have a balance look - in fact it looks crooked and out of place. I was hoping to have my initials centered under the loop closure - but alas, it cannot be done. If this is important to you, better stay away from the personalization. December 11, 2014
Love this Portfolio I love the iconic leather envelope for this portfolio. The circa notebook is an added bonus, but get it for the quality of the portfolio. I have noted so many sidelong glances and then the question "where did you find that?" I am happy to tell them "Levenger, of course." November 13, 2014
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