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Circa Leverage Punch

Price: $79.00
Item: ADS6190
This item ships free to the 48 contiguous states!
Increase your Circa Punch power 
The Circa Leverage Punch is the ultimate Circa tool for those who rely on the Circa system to organize their lives. This heavy-duty Circa Punch provides the convenience of punching up to 15 sheets of standard copy paper at a time almost effortlessly, making Circa organization easier and faster than ever. This powerful punch will save valuable time for avid Circa users.
  • Punches up to 15 sheets of standard copy paper at a time
  • Designed to handle paper only
  • Paper guides for all Circa sizes, from Micro PDA to Letter
  • Powerful lever technology makes punching almost effortless
  • Locking handle keeps it compact on your desk or in your drawer
  • Ideal for creating large quantities of reports for meetings and presentations
  • Translucent Covers and Circa Discs available in quantity
  • Powerful spring-loaded mechanism — handle with care
  • Easy how-to-instructions included
  • 13 1/4W x 3 3/4D x 4H; 4.6 pounds
   Assembly instructions
Circa Leverage Punch 4.5 5 11 11
SO GOOD I recently purchased a 756 page paperback textbook that fell apart within days. I thought about taking it to a copy center to be rebound, but instead I order this "super punch" and some 2 1/2 inch circa rounds. The book's pages were pretty heavy (text book, not pulp fiction type pages) so I couldn't do 15 pages at a time, but 12 worked really well and I was able to punch and "bind" the whole book in maybe 20 minutes. The punch itself is heavy and looks well made and durable. I look forward to using it for a long, long while. (FYI: I have owned the "portable" (READ: CHEAPEST) circa punch for years - it always seemed fine for the small amount of paper I wanted to punch, but this thing makes me regret ever having purchased it.) August 15, 2013
Powerful Punch! I think I've owned every Circa punch ever made available, and this one is by far the most powerful and best performing of them all. It's not the most beautiful looking device, but that's not what I bought it for! What it does do is punch a bunch of paper all at one time, saving me time and keeping me organized - highly recommend this punch for productivity! July 20, 2013
Love this punch This is a great punch. The instructions are very clear on how to work the punch. My main purpose in ordering the punch was to make an inventory binder of all my scrapbooking and craft items, which is constantly changing. I now have many more uses in mind for it. I'm so glad I purchased the punch. It's well worth the investment. July 7, 2013
Great tool I like to make my own paper refills for my Circa organizer, using different color papers. I've also made several different cover pages, using card stock paper and other paper that is rather thick. The punch hasn't disappointed. It feels well-built and sturdy, and the paper glide works very well (for junior size). June 10, 2013
Works like a dream, nay a poem What sorcery is this? The Circa punch turns one thing into another! Mere paper becomes a golden guide to today’s events and any future endeavor; Clarity arises from chaos, and all becomes right with the world; “What to do” and “where to go” springs from “whatever”; A new person prevails, and triumph unfurled. April 10, 2013
Excellent Tool I teach two different classes and work in two labs with a few different collaborators. This punch has revolutionized my Circa organization. I now can organize all of my handouts, take notes in same binder, hold pens, and everything else. This is a great system and this is the right tool for you if the system is working for you. April 6, 2013
Excellent I bought this punch after having trouble with my portable punch. Save yourself the trouble... this punch will make your life a lot easier. Yes, it's expensive but it is well worth it! I have no complaints. February 6, 2012
Disappointed Malfunctioned after 9 uses. The desk version is better. November 20, 2011
A Power Punch! At long last, a Circa punch that packs some serious power. Substantially made, this heavyweight delivers as advertised. Pricey but worth it if you really want to fully utilize your Circa life. The mechanics of the punch itself is easy to use and will not strain hands or wrists with struggling with carpal tunnel or arthritis issues. The punch delivers clean, uniform holes from compact to letter size via the paper-size selector slide. Thus far, I am very pleased and would highly recommend this product. Kudos, Levenger! October 15, 2011
Thanks for listening to your customers Mr. Leene, the CEO & Co-founder of Levenger, was in the Tysons Corner Store seeking suggestions from customers. I have been sucessfully promoting the Circa system at my company and for the companies where I serve on the Boards of Directors. The biggest challenge was having a Circa paper punch that was comparable to a sturdy 3-hole punch. Thank you for introducing the Circa Leverage Punch and listening to your customers. September 13, 2011
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