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Circa Multicolored Translucent Covers set of 5 4.9 5 9 9
Categorized by Color Poem I like to color code my life... it makes it nicer with less strife. The Circa System helps a lot... each color having its own slot. Two colors are for work I do... Green for Paul and Trucking is Blue. Violet is the one for me... while Brown keeps Office A to Z. I like the subtler color tone "Vivacious" in another zone! The calmer, soothing pastel shade for my nice office they were made. Reference items and long notes are Letter size that fit in totes. Junior size holds each action list to do my work without a twist. The matching File Folders are gone... Glad I got some 'for they were done. They coordinate with my Lot and also each get their own slot. April 18, 2010
Bring Back Letter Size! These covers are fantastic for those of us that have multiple circa notebooks. I am a law student and relied heavily on the multi-color LETTER size covers to help code my various course materials. Was so sad to hear from the store clerk that they are now discontinued!! Please bring them back! October 15, 2013
Diary I write daily diaries when traveling in order to be able to remember where we stayed, where we ate, what we saw each day. These covers provide protection for the written pages and allow me to print a first page photo that can be seen through the translucent cover to know which trip is inside.. October 14, 2013
Bring Letter Size Back Love these covers. I am a project manager and have 20 active projects at a time. These are great for grouping active projects as well as filing for closed projects. I don't use file folders or file drawers any more. Love the color coding available with these. The clear don't do anything for me. Thanks Levenger! July 1, 2013
Please Bring Back Letter Size This makes a great notebook and file system for active and closed projects. Really need these back in letter size. The colors are great for color coding my projects. I use the fold over notebook for meetings and special projects. The quality is great. June 14, 2013
Organizational plus Love this product--so many ways to organize and the colors are great--would like to see more colors like royal blues, oranges and neon greens.. Wish they made the letter size in colors too instead of just clear. June 3, 2013
...and thus my Circa propagates itself... First came the starter kit; then came the projects in need of tabbed sorting; then arose the projects so large they require their own discs and covers, and so we progress. Excellent quality -- the material is sturdy, the disc notches are cut just right, and everything is in order. I agree with the reviewer who'd like to see greater variety in the color choices, but these are fine and useful covers and I'm glad I purchased them. May 4, 2013
great; more would be better I love these lightweight, compact, durable covers - as gorgeous as the leather ones are (and I have two), I like these better for slipping easily into an overstuffed bag. I also tend to have several notebooks going at once for different purposes, and so I love that there is a multicolored set, but to my eye three of the five colors are very similar (much more so than the above picture would suggest), somewhat defeating the purpose of color-coding. It appears from other reviews that the Vivacious colors were once available; please bring these (and others) back! Thanks. November 11, 2011
Love them! I know that one reviewer found the holes too close to the edge but I've had NO problems with these covers. I'm a consultant and plan to use a different color for each client...and I think I'll get some of those vivacious ones too. Love to mix and match with the different rings. A co-worker today asked me about them and he too is now going to order. July 1, 2010
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