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22 Circa Standard Discs, 1/2 inch

Price: $12.00
Item: ADS1830
Create Circa notebooks with these 1/2-inch discs
These 1/2-inch discs can hold up to 80 pages. Unlike the rings in an ordinary 3-ring binder, you don't have to snap these Circa discs open and shut; they're sturdy plastic discs that you press your paper around as you would a Rolodex card..
  • Create Circa notebooks with these 1/2-inch discs
  • Set of 22 discs, enough for 2 letter-size notebooks or 2 junior-size notebooks plus 2 PDAs
  • Discs can hold up to 80 sheets of paper
  • Durable plastic
Circa Discs set of 22 12 Standard 5 5 4 4
Love the small size I use circa rings for all my organizing needs. I find that I use the 1/4" rings so much more than I expected. They are absolutely perfect for any type of brochure sized item that I need to use a lot and also keep in good condition. I simply laminate the first and last pages and they use the hole puncher to put them on these small rings. LOVE THEM! September 21, 2013
GREAT SYSTEM Although I need to return these and order the 1" size, I have found the Circa System invaluable. It allows me to organize all of my different roles as a volunteer in our state-wide organization. I plan on order many accessories to my collection. I already use the dividers, which are really handy. July 6, 2013
Can't Do Without If you'r into the Circia system you know these rings are a must have. The 1/2 " size is perfect for a full month of note taking. I particulary like the bright colors, they stand out in the board room. October 22, 2007
Handy Little Rings These are real handy to have if you're missing a ring from a Circa notebook you own. They're also great if you have a Circa punch and want to make your own custom notebook to color coordinate the rings with its contents or your filing system or your Levenger bag... October 17, 2007
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