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22 Circa Large Discs, 1 inch

Price: $15.00
Item: ADS1850
Expand your Circa notebooks with these large discs
These 1 inch discs can hold up to 150 pages. Unlike the rings in an ordinary three-ring binder, you don't have to snap these Circa discs open and shut; they're sturdy plastic discs that you press your paper around as you would a Rolodex card.
  • Set of 22 discs, enough for 2 letter-size notebooks or 2 junior-size notebooks plus 2 Circa Jotlet™ Translucent Notebooks
  • Discs hold up to 150 sheets of paper
  • Inner diameter of each disc is 1 inch
  • Durable plastic

Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Circa Discs set of 22 1 Inch Large 4.5 5 16 16
Have been very pleased with the discs...easy to change out. I also like the optional colors...would like to see more. September 11, 2014
HAPPY SURPRISE! I purchased 3 LEVTEX notebook covers for my business to replace our ol plastic covers. I needed new black disks as we had different colors. When I ordered a set of disks it said there were 22 so I assumed I would have to talk someone in to using a mix of old and new...we have junior circas which each take 8 disks. Imagine my surprise when 24 disks came...thank you circa. I read a previous comment complaining about the 22 vs 24 count so I assume circa listened. July 27, 2013
High Quality! Long Lasting! Attractive! I've used the black plastic discs, in sizes 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" and 2", for many, many years, and the new discs look no different from those I purchased originally, which speaks well for the quality of the plastic and the dye that was used in their production. They are durable and attractive, and the pages slide over the discs completely smoothly. Practicality, quality and aesthetics are important to me, which led me to arrange the 25+ Circa notebooks on a bookshelf behind my desk. The series of shiny, black, circular notebook spines provides an organized, yet aesthetic aspect to the area, while also giving me easy access to the notebooks. I highly recommend these plastic discs, especially if a number of circa books are being used regularly. June 16, 2013
Love All My Levenger, But. . . is there a specific reason why the rings come with only 22 instead of 24 in a package? I have been buying them for years now, but Jr. size takes 8 so it's always short 2 rings to get 3 notebooks out of $22 worth of rings!! Have to spend another $22 for the 3rd notebook. Bummer. August 11, 2012
Pleasantly surprised to find 24 discs I'm using circa junior size which requires 8 discs and that got me thinking when placing my order how many discs I would need (the mentioned 22 discs in a package can't complete 3 notebooks). In the end I settled for the option to leave a disc out in some archive notebooks but to my pleasant surprise there were 24 discs in the packages (Large and X-Large sizes) meaning I didn't need to have books without discs. Excellent! March 16, 2010
Add larger Red !!! I love the Circa system. Have used it for years and for different subjects! BUT I would really like to have LARGER RED Discs available to order! Please take this into consideration. Thanks. November 6, 2009
Organization to the Max I am a Circa FREAK - have been using the system for at least 10 years. I have the discs in colors that aren't made anymore. I color-code the discs-to the paper-to the subject-to the title page (I have the hole puncher also). I This is a fantastic product and I've gotten many others hooked on it. September 2, 2009
Very smooth, easy to turn pages It's always good to have extra circa discs available. I have some in black and white. Pages turn smoothly on them, and they look nice. I had some difficulty with the silver discs, though - the paper likes to get caught up on those. But the other colors - no problem. February 28, 2009
Do NOT order Silver Discs Do not order the silver discs. While they are attractive, the finish on them is not smooth making it very difficult to to actually use the Circa the way it is designed. Pages do not flow over the discs quickly and get stuck. April 23, 2008
Circa Discs I use the 3/4 inch Circa disks regularly to create notebooks for different projects. I prefer the colored disks over the metalic as they do not hang up the paper movement when opening and moving between sections in the notebook. Love them! February 29, 2008
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