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Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Black, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Red, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Saddle, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
  • Ambi Folio, Saddle, Letter
  • Ambi Folio, Letter, Purple
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Ambi Folio, Letter

Price: $159.00
Item: AL5780
Handy for digitals, too
This sleek leather portfolio also welcomes your tablet or e-reader, whether an iPad, or Nook or Kindle.

Because left-handed writers also deserve the best
At Levenger, we love all (hand)writers, right or left! So we thought it only right that those who write with their left hand be able to carry a high-quality folio like the Ambi.
  • Can accommodate your iPad, Kindle, Nook or other electronic reader
  • Ziparound closure keeps your contents neatly contained
  • Comes with a high-quality Levenger note pad
  • Pockets for business and 3 x 5 cards
  • Pen pockets on either end
  • Pocket for loose papers
  • Smooth full-grain leather
  • 10 1/4W x 1 1/4D x 13H
A left-handed salute
We know that left-handers sometimes feel left out. Well, no more with this ambidextrous folio. Besides, you’re part of a famous group that includes Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Keanu Reeves, James Cameron, Sting and Prince William. Oh—and Einstein. Brilliant! 

Customize with your logo. Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.
Ambi Folio Letter 4.8 5 78 78
Beautiful Gift I bought this for a buddy's wife. She was delighted with the red folio and overwhelmed with the quality of the piece. It is supple leather throughout and uber functional. Any recipient will like this piece. June 25, 2015
It's Okay I like this folio, it is attractive and functional. There are no flaws in the stitching and the design proportions seem correct. But if we're being completely honest with ourselves, this product is made of plastic, not leather. May 28, 2015
Ambi Folio This is not only a beautiful piece of equipment, it is functional. It makes a great gift with places to store everything anyone would need for a meeting or class. I love the durability. I bought my husband 2. The first one he still carries even after he left it on top of his truck, it fell off and he ran over it. It looks like he ran over it, but otherwise it is in excellent space. Everything inside was intact! I would love to have one. May 7, 2015
Beautiful Gift This purchase is a gift for my niece who's graduating from college, and will enjoy using it in her HR job. The purple color is unusual and a fun departure from the usual black or brown. Although I didn't use this product, I examined it carefully and especially appreciate the designers' consideration of a left-handed person. My one suggestion would be to make it lighter if possible - it feels heavy, and would weigh even more with contents. Otherwise, it's perfect! April 23, 2015
First Class All The Way I love, love, love my new Ambi Folio. The leather is superb, the practicality is priceless. I can keep documents secure and look professional while doing it. I am better organized and feel much less stress, because my documents are in order and I don't have to worry about looking for them. I know this product will last me for many years to come. Excellent choice by my employer! April 9, 2015
nice reward I purchased this for myself as a reward for quitting smoking. It is the usual quality that I expect from levenger with phenomenal leather and a bright red color. Two things to improve it - a wider back pocket to fit my ipad in its keyboard case (I can shove it in there, but it distorts the line) and a pen loop somewhere. March 28, 2015
Functional style Well made with storagepockets aplenty. I have stuffed about 1/4" of loose paper in the largest pocket with no problem snagging the zipper, but you do have to get them in there evenly. A few mm more of overall width in the folio would be nice and a bit more depth for that pocket because I like to bring my IPad to meetings without removing it from its book style case. It's nice to have something that I can easily use as a lefty. March 26, 2015
Love this folio I was looking for a folio to carry everything on a daily basis including a laser measuring device, camera, business cards and note pad. This does it all. Excellent product. March 22, 2015
Nice Product This is nice soft leather and the number of pockets is useful. It's not overly fancy - just right for meetings without standing out too much. It looks elegant in an understated way, and looks like it will last for years. . March 12, 2015
An exquisite piece, though not entirely perfect. I spend a considerable amount of time (months) searching for an exceptional folio. This piece at last satisfied what had been an exhausting journey to find the perfect folio to last me a long time. The leather is exceptional. You want to just pet it for hours on end. It screams "look at me" without being overly assertive or arrogant. It has a sleekness that exudes professionalism and style. And it has excellent utility. As an architect, let me be clear: we are constantly striving to balance form and function. Rarely do we succeed. This folio, however, succeeds brilliantly. That being said, I have but two gripes with what is otherwise absolutely perfection: 1) It went on sale for 50% off barely a week after receiving it. Not the folio's fault, though. I am simply peeved at my usual luck with these sorts of things. Moving on.... 2) Folios have always had a problem with knowing which side is "up." That is to say, being able to tell which way to unzip and open it such that the pad of paper (or in my case, vellum that is prone to tearing) isn't upside down and therefore flop out and tear. All folios without a clasp or some other marking/engraving have that problem. This one is no different, and compared to past folios I have owned, this one in a way feels worse. My best guess? It is a product of it being ambidextrous. There is an intended double-sizedness that is meant to appeal to either righty or lefty, but to me it seems as though it perhaps exacerbates the "which way does this thing open" issue. But, such is to be expected from any folio I suppose. In summation, the quality is superior to all contenders. The design is exquisite, and it handily compliments any working man's or woman's professional attire. As someone that has owned many folios, and has spent a considerable time scouring the market for the right one, I can say with satisfaction that Levenger has delivered yet another magnificent product. March 1, 2015
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