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Circa Desk Punch 4.7 5 128 128
CIRCA HAIKU Randomness abounds Sumbit to the Circa Punch Order from chaos. April 18, 2010
A quality tool for every Circa Lover! I use this beefy punch daily. I am a devoted Circa journal/notebook lover, and I print out photos, magazine articles and a host of other things just punch them and stick them in one of many Circa notebooks. October 22, 2008
Singlehanded use, sturdy punch! Purchased for my husband and myself, this punch has gone the distance! We were very impressed with the weight of the unit and the ease with which you can use it. If I can use it singlehanded, anyone can! (You may wish to put your name on it so others will have to get their own!) October 22, 2008
Works like a charm! I ordered the Circa sample pack and decided to order the desk punch as a companion piece so that I could create pages for my husband's blood sugar and blood pressure diary. The punch works beautifully and the newly created pages fit perfectly in the junior Circa notebook. Now he has a portable, protected place to keep these important records. Thank you for a great product! September 28, 2013
Can't make custom cover the Circa system is a brilliant idea, easy removal of pages, and this punch makes it possible to use almost any standard paper in your notebook. The one downside for me, is the inability to punch heavier materials (e.g. thin chipboard, 300 gsm watercolor paper). This makes it impossible to easily design and use a custom cover (custom sketchbook). I would gladly buy a circa notebook if they made what I needed (cover punched for landscape letter - like a steno flip notebook). For a future product recommendation, I'd suggest either selling a heavy duty punch, or selling custom covers allowing the customer to choose the size and orientation. This punch is amazing, is heavy duty and works well for most applications, and I definitely recommend it if all you need to do is punch and use standard size and thickness paper. I hope Levenger continues to expand their product line to include easy, affordable custom solutions. September 10, 2013
Desk Punch I just started using the Circa system. The punch allowed me to design my own gradebook for the courses I teach. I think it is something I'll use for years!! September 3, 2013
Excellent Choice The Circa punch was a great addition to my Circa notebook systems. The punch is heavy duty, great quality and effortlessly punches through even heavy weight paper. I love being able to add my Outlook calendar and custom pages to my system! September 3, 2013
The Beast I figured out the main difference between undergrad and graduate classes - the sheer amount of paper you are expected to organize in your notebooks each and every blessed semester! I switched over to the Circa system last year and realized within a week that this was an absolute requirement. It's huge and massive and could probably double as a security device in case of an attack, but it works great and makes my life soooo much easier! August 19, 2013
Super convenient! This desk punch makes it so easy to add my own documents to my notebook. this makes it much easier to keep all of my stuff together in my Circa notebook. That way I have everything with me whenever I attend a meeting without having to carry multiple folders or notebooks with me. Anyone using the Levenger Circa system should invest in one of these....especially when it's on sale! I promise you'll love it! August 19, 2013
Added Functionality This paper punch - while pricey - simply opens up new possibilities for my Circa notebook. I'm glad I bought it. August 17, 2013
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