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Circa Portable And Desk Punches 4.6 5 11 11
You just gotta have punches I'vebecome Circa enamored - no, I'm obsessed - this system really will change your way of working, organizing yourself, keeping notes and planning. Once you use your system, you will want to punch pages for insertion. It allows you to add anything from pictures to personalize your notebook, to printing e-mails and punching for your notebook. Both punches are great - the full sized is great quality and looks great - the metal feels heavy and feels like it will be with you a long time. The portable is a nifty design - I wish the base was made of aluminum instead of plastic - I don't dare carry mine from place to place without the box, but overall, it is nice to have a compact version to take with you. You'll love 'em both - and if you're going to Circa, you just gotta have punches. September 30, 2011
Great product! When I first ordered a circa notebook I decided to pass on the desk punch, after all, i could just re-order circa paper. Boy was I wrong...I love my punch (I decided to order about 2 months after having my notebook). I bit the bullet and ordered the combo pack and I'm so glad I did. I keep one punch at home and one punch at work since I often bring work, and my circa notebooks, home with me. i've been able to take notes wherever and whenever, on any kind of paper, and put them into my book. I highly recommend ordering the combo pack...well worth the money and savings you get by ordering both! June 11, 2011
Very useful tools I bought the Desk and Portable punches along with my Circa notebook, and they've been very useful. I use both Levenger paper and custom templates that I punch myself. The portable punch is an especially cool design. The punch and guide are two separate pieces to make it light & easy to pack. It's very simple to use to punch anything from a business card to letter-size paper. The desk punch is heavy-duty and will last forever. October 22, 2008
Circa Punches The design of the portable punch is very clever. It is a little bulky, but I like that I can punch anything, anytime, anywhere and put it into the notebook. This is a perfect tool for the Circa user." October 22, 2008
Circa Desk and Portable Punch My wife and I have been very pleased with the Desk punch. It is a sturdy and easy-to-use punch. We liked the Desk punch so much and used it so frequently, we bought a second for her office. The portable punch, however, is a different story. It is of a lesser build quality and is more of a challenge to operate effectively. Acknowledging the unit's primary purpose is to be 'portable', it still 'feels' cheap, especially considering the high build quality of all of our other Levenger products March 25, 2008
Fabulous punches I love the clever way that the portable punch works. Very nicely made and they work very well. Perfect tool for the Circa user. February 29, 2008
Excellent prouducts Solid construction. A little bulky, but nice to have so I can punch anything and put it into the notebook. February 29, 2008
Circa Products A cousin took the traveling punch with her when we were on a genealogical trip together. I watched as she worked away one evening, and was interested enough to send for a set for myself. She had recommended it highly, and I have found that I enjoy working with it myself. Taking lots of pictures on my last vacation, I have sent a circa album to a number of cousins with family information in a scrapbook format. Works a treat! October 27, 2007
larger number of pages This is a great product. I would, however, like it better if it punch a larger number of sheets at a time. October 17, 2007
Circa Punches Circa punches are an absolute must. We use the desk punch in the office and keep the portable punch in the briefcase/backpack. Handouts get put away on the spot, eliminating the risk of losing them and making organization so easy. September 26, 2007
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