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22 Circa X-Large Discs, 1 1/2 inch

Price: $14.00
Item: ADS4810
Expand your Circa notebooks with these extra-large discs
These 1 1/2 inch discs can hold up to 200 pages. Unlike the rings in an ordinary three-ring binder, you don't have to snap these Circa discs open and shut; they're sturdy plastic discs that you press your paper around as you would a Rolodex card.
  • Set of 22 discs, enough for 2 letter-size notebooks or 2 junior-size notebooks plus 2 Circa Jotlet™ Translucent Notebooks
  • Discs hold up to 200 sheets of paper
  • Each disc is 1 1/2 inch in diameter
  • Durable plastic
Circa Discs set of 22 1 12 XLarge 4.4 5 22 22
The right size for every day I have the 1 in for my Junior note book, and the 3 inch for my historical records, this size is perfect for my day to day needs. I use one set for my special projects note book and the other for my calendar / planner July 10, 2014
Love the 1 1/2" size I was hesitant to purchase this large size for my junior notebook but I am now able to put as many pages as I want in and the book is easier to use. The discs don't overpower the size of the book either. So glad I bought them. January 22, 2015
This is a great size to upgrade my annotation ruled notebook with Rhodia meeting and storyboard sheets. Except for calendar agendas, I can't see using bigger on a daily basis. September 21, 2014
GREAT Expansion Size I bought this item on sale - great price! They are being used to expand from the original 3/4" disks that came with my Circa starter kit. BEST decision I ever made. I now have much more storage room without having to redo a lot of my original work! LOVE CIRCA NOTEBOOKS!! July 17, 2014
Great for storage This size is too big for ay to day use, but is great for storing notes - huge capacity and works great. July 2, 2014
Create Versitility I've had a circa notebook for quite some time now; however, I often found the need to remove pages in order to keep it closed completely. The answer was so simple and staring me in the face every time I logged onto the Levenger website. All I had to do was to order larger discs! They were easy to insert and I had plenty for the letter-size and junior-size notebooks. I also was able to take the smaller one and create another notebook for appointments only! I love Levenger products. They never become obsolete! At least, not for me. January 25, 2014
Love the flexibility of these discs! Levenger understands the need for flexibility and quality! They got it right with with full line of disc sizes! This one is just perfect for my everyday needs! January 4, 2014
great quanity & quality I love these discs because of the quality and quantity. You can make 2 notebooks. October 20, 2013
1.5 inch Circa Discs The 1.5 inch circa discs have more utility than the 0.5 inch circa discs that are shipped with most products July 8, 2013
Why don't they ship binders with this size? I ordered the 1 1/2 inch discs because the size that shipped with the binders with are too small. I think they should ship all the Levengers with these bigger dics. Or they should institute a recycle/buyback program for the old discs, because we have a million of these floating around the office. Everyone changes to bigger discs after getting their Levenger! April 8, 2013
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