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Aluminum Circa Discs, 1 inch (Set of 11)

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Item: ADS5225
Aluminum Circa Discs
Update your existing Circa notebook with these shiny Aluminum Circa Discs. These neutral shades complement a wide range of our Circa notebooks.
  • 100% lightweight aluminum
  • Holds up to 150 sheets of paper
  • Set of 11 is enough to make one letter-size notebook or one junior-size notebook, plus one Jotlet
  • Pages turn easily around the discs
Aluminum Circa Discs 1 inch Set of 11 4.7 5 29 29
Nice! I use my Circa planner daily, for everything - it's my lifeline, honestly. I finally realized that rather than worry about bulging pages, I should just get bigger disks. My original disks (kyoto, beautiful) were the 3/4" size; I upgraded to 1", and went with aluminum - reviews indicated that larger kyoto (et al) disks could be sticky. I love these disks. The color is lovely (goes nicely with my old notebook, which is a discontinued lev-tec (?) cover from a couple years ago. (It's held up remarkably well, by the way....I'm not exactly gentle with it.) Pages turn smoothly on the new disks, and it's nice to not worry about how much stuff I put in there. I added a few dividers and my planner/lifebook has become even more utilitarian. And lovely. Loveliness is worth a few extra dollars, if you have them. June 19, 2014
Great style and usabilitiy I purchased this to replace the original plastic discs that came with my original notebook. They don't only look great but it seems like tt is a little deeper and the pages turn easier. I highly recommend upgrading to the aluminum discs. February 13, 2015
Visually Striking and Useful, Too The Circa system is a practical, reliable note-keeping solution, and I am very pleased that Levenger continues to support and expand it. These discs make it a more beautiful system, letting you customize and coordinate Circa products to suit your needs and individual style. The discs are of excellent quality - smooth, strong and with wonderful, saturated colors.- and I strongly recommend them. The price, however, is a bit steep, and it would be much more convenient (and affordable!) if they were sold by the number needed, rather than by the package. February 12, 2015
Really good discs I like the aluminum discs because of their style and good function. They look nice and professional on my levenger notebooks and pages turn very smoothly around them. Over the years I purchased different colors like red, silver and purple which I am very happy with. It's a pity that you discontinued the previous colors. February 12, 2015
Love these! The silver discs complimented my blue notebook! I love it. Also they were the correct size for what I needed to accomplish daily. January 29, 2015
LOVE THESE! So worth the cost. I replace all my plastic discs with the aluminum. I just can't help myself. I have 3/4" silver and 1" teal. So pretty and so smooth. January 22, 2015
Great product but not cobalt I am a big fan of the aluminum discs and use them in a number of my notebooks. My latest set is equally functional - the pages do turn more easily and they look great. My only quibble with my most recent set is the color. It's a nice shade but it's not cobalt. More of a lilac-tinged blue. Nice - but I was really hoping for cobalt...... December 11, 2014
Great addition to product line Have stayed away from the aluminum discs because I didn't like the bright colors. Tried the platinum version when it came out and I'm glad I did. Holds the paper better than the plastic discs, makes my planner folio sturdier and makes page turning much smoother. Would buy another set in a second for my travel notebook if they offered this color in a 3/4 inch version. October 9, 2014
Where's the Purple?! I hesitated buying these for a long time because of the cost, but since I've had the chance to compare aluminum to plastic, I highly recommend the aluminum, for both aesthetics and function. The pages slide around these discs more smoothly and they take a notebook from cheap-looking to sharp and professional. Just one question: where'd the purple go?!? Levenger suddenly has all these gorgeous purple notebooks to choose from and they drop the purple discs!? Really, you need to bring them back. October 2, 2014
Love these These truly make turning the pages more smooth. Expensive, but sometimes worth it. July 17, 2014
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