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Circa 3 x 5 Pocket Dock-it, Letter (set of 2)

Price: $12.00 Now $4.95 Save 59%
Item: ADS5165
Circa 3 x 5 card holder
This sturdy plastic 3 x 5 card holder fits into a Circa notebook or agenda.
  • Set of 2
  • Circa-punched
  • Translucent plastic
  • Letter size has 6 slots per side and holds up to 12 cards
  • Letter, 8 1/2W x 11H
Circa 3 x 5 Pocket Dockit set of 2 4.7 5 14 14
The perfect solution Since I rediscovered the usefulness of index cards a few months ago, I started using them for many different purposes, from everyday task lists to research notes. But I didn't find a good way to organize them. Pocket Dock-It is a great answer--fits right into a binder, and let's you see what's on every card (instead of flipping through a stack). And Levinger's high-quality, upright index cards make this solution enjoyable as well as effective. October 22, 2008
Organized privacy I have begun using index cards for my to do list which has been great. I just didn't have a good way to organize them. While I like the visual effect of the bleachers I was happy to discover these as a more private organizer. I can still visually plan out my week but without having them on display for everyone to see. The pages are very high quality -- card like and I ordered enough to have one for every day of the week! October 26, 2013
Wonderful Help I have switched over to card notes and info, but was always misplacing them or getting them mixed up in my categories. The pocket docket is the very best for keeping your cards ready, and organized for meetings, home, school, travel and church. I could not ask for a better product. Thank You October 9, 2013
Sturdy, Versatile, Functional I use the Pocket Dock-It to organize my to-do lists into categories. I like being able to see everything at once, and it’s great to have the cards incorporated into in my daily plan book. The Pocket Dock-it is manufactured with high attention to detail and quality. September 7, 2013
Excellent functionality with flexibility I am very organized but don't think like most other people so using a pre-planned organizing system never really worked for me. When I discovered the Circa 3x5 card system, I was thrilled! Finally a system that let's ME decided how I want to organize my projects/to-do lists and all on one page!!!! Everything!!! And if my master list of projects changes, I just write out new cards. I don't have to turn back to review old notes - which I just don't seem to do. And I got the shirt pocket notebook to hold a few blank 3x5 cards in my wallet so I can jot down notes quickly and "sync" with my larger planner later. I have used my 3x5 card system now for 4 years and although I've dressed it up with fancy covers and discs, I have not moved away from it or found it's function diminished - despite many changes in my business & home life over those 4 years. I can say the same for the other 6 of my friends that bought their own 3x5 card systems after discussing mine with me. None of them have theirs set up exactly like mine and that's the total beauty of this system. It's so flexible. I have fully stocked up on my refills as it appears that Levenger is moving away from the 3x5 system in favor of notebook style planners. I think this is such a tragedy! Most of us now use electronic calendars, contact lists, etc. We don't need paper ones. But we do need a way of keeping track of projects in our multi-faceted lives. The 3x5 system works amazingly well for that. If it is true that they are moving away from the 3x5 card planners, I'll be very sad. September 12, 2011
there is work and then there is life Yes, these can work admirably for organizing work and ideas and projects. But as most knitters, and those living with them know, we have many projects and "collect" yarn. I needed a way to organize my stash, keep a record of projects, and plan new projects. I have two books filled with these sheets. On each card I put some yarn, the yarn's label with length, washing, properties, etc., and I note how many "skeins" I have. I can move them by color, weight, project and link them with patterns. Then the book is accessible for planning and finding "stash" and the yarn can be stored (anywhere from a closet to a storage unit and you can link the cards and books to different bins.) Should work for crafters of all types. And now back to my job which enables me to buy the yarn and this product. January 5, 2011
Finally organized! I got really tired of a mish-mash of small papers in my purse, on my desk, in my pockets, etc. I purchased this item and the vertical 3x5 index cards and my life is FINALLY organized. One sheet allows me to have cards for "to do", "to buy", " books, music, etc. I keep extra cards in the pockets, purse, car,desk, etc. and have made myself reach for them instead of scraps of paper! I love this system and have now gone back to my Circa, which I had abandoned because I could not make it functional for me until now--thank you so much for this product! August 13, 2009
convenient way to plan with index cards This item is a must for anyone who is using a Circa notebook as a planner. It is only slightly thicker than the clear notebook covers and just as sturdy with room for index cards on the front and back. I stick one of these right in the middle of my calendar pages with my most important tasks and goals written on the cards. Very, very handy! October 26, 2008
Multi-functional This is one of the items included in the sample kit. I have found it to be the most useful. One side I put my cards from my PDA so I don't have to flip through continually, the other side I have found quite handy for coupons. I was never good at the whole coupon thing and have found that having my shopping list right along with those coupons has paid for the cost of the sheet. Of course, having my stuff organized better has saved me a huge amount on gas as well. September 14, 2008
Great System Great system, I had been carrying two Circa pages and they did not hold all of my cards (direct reports, projects, goals etc.) I organized the Circa system by alphabet, projects, goals and it helps me to locate cards faster for quick note taking. Circa rings work well. Bought 3 ring card holders and punched them for my Franklin Planner October 18, 2007
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