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Circa Universal Desk Punch

Price: $49.00
Item: ADS8095
Customize your notebook with the Circa punch
We continue to enhance and improve our sturdy Circa Desk Punch to make customizing your notebook even easier. Print Outlook schedules, graphs, presentations, charts and photos, then punch them and insert them easily into your Circa notebook.
  • Sturdy steel construction to last a lifetime
  • Punch heads are made of zinc alloy
  • The foundation of Circa disc-binding creativity and efficiency
  • Convert almost any paper into Circa paper for your notebook
  • Allows you to secure any size or type of paper into your notebook
  • Punches up to 6 sheets at a time
  • Has paper guides for all Circa notebook sizes, including A4 and A5
  • 12 1/2W x 4D x 3 1/2H; 4 pounds
Circa Universal Desk Punch 4.6 5 50 50
Great Tool I love this Circa Universal Desk Punch! With it, I'm able to add other printed documents to my Circa book, such as organizational charts, slide decks, etc. for easy reference. It works like a charm, and looks stylish on my desk when it is not in use. June 4, 2015
Doesn't work I thought my punch was defective and exchanged it. But the second one is no better. No matter how hard I try, how much time I spend carefully feeding a page or two into the punch, it will not go in all the way. As a result, half of each page I punch has holes too close to the edge and it will not hook onto the circa discs. It is very frustrating as I think highly of Levenger. I've tried everything to help it along. I really don't want to buy the bulky super size punch - but I may have too. It is that or go back to 3-ring binders. This is not working. May 15, 2015
Great Product I use my punch literally every day. I use it on all kinds of paper products to keep my projects organized in my notebook. It is true that you cannot use a large number of pages at a time, but I use that time to slow down and think about what I am doing and about the best way to organize my project. May 7, 2015
Perfect Function I've relied on the Circa system for several years, and I'm delighted to find a way to add note cards or images to my written notebooks. I didn't expect the perfect cut or the rapid efficiency of this moderately priced cutter. I don't need those plastic pouch-type organizers, and this cutter is light and portable. Finally I've got it! April 19, 2015
Practice makes perfect I had been using this product for quite a while prior to actually purchasing my own. I debated over the cost vs function of this partcular punch. I ultimately decided that the larger punch would be too large and obtrusive. This punch works great, IF: you don't overload it with paper, you align the paper correctly and make sure the sheets are inserted fully, and you must empty it often. If you make a mistake, there is little room for error. I was able to purchase this on sale and have no regrets. This item is necessary if you use the Circa system. April 16, 2015
Sturdy Punch at a Reasonable Price This hole punch is well worth the money. I used it to create a customized planner for my business, and it easily punched through several sheets of paper at once. I've used it almost every day since I've had it and would recommend this to anyone. I'm even considering recommending it to other teacher-authors on my blog. Also, the customer service was the best experience I've ever had, despite some of the things I've read about it in online forums. I was never even put on hold when I called. It rang a few times, and someone picked up. When I called again to confirm a delivery date, the same thing happened. I was extremely impressed. April 16, 2015
Cleanly cuts in single motion Works well. Switching the unit from letter to junior to compact size is simple, but it can be a little hard to see the setting through the window. Having this punch allows me to insert project documents into my binder, so I can keep everything together in one place. Much more durable than the portable version. April 9, 2015
Sturdy Stylish Value I have borrowed the lighter, mobile version punch from a coworker and at this price point, this sturdier version is definitely worth the money. I don't doubt that all my pages are being punched with the correct alignment. I don't have to worry about the punch moving while I use it. I only wish it accepted more paper per punch. It is sitting on my desk top right now and due to it's style, is not an eyesore like other punches. April 9, 2015
Good product, with caveats The hole punch is sturdy and functions well, most of the time. Be aware that 8 sheets is pretty much an absolute limit and don't stress the mechanism by trying more. This will punch fewer sheets of heavier material. But regardless of the type of paper, you have to empty the bottom frequently, or it WILL jam. And when you empty it, be careful. The chads are real small, flutter more easily than round punchouts and will make a mess. You also have to make sure you get your paper aligned on the punch side very carefully. There is such a small margin that your sheets may not be usable if you don't. I have to say that being able to punch and organize papers in a standardized, easy way has cleaned up my desk considerably. The Circa system seemed kind of expensive but I am finding it to be worth the investment. April 2, 2015
A knock-out punch This is a functionally outstanding punch. The Circa cut-out shape is quite complex compared with an ordinary loose-leaf hole and this punch produces a perfect result every time even when tested with multiple sheets. While it won't handle a whole stack of pages, it easily accommodates four or five sheets at a time. The only drawback is that it is startlingly heavy but, then, it's intended as the "desktop" version. March 30, 2015
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