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En Vogue Quilted Circa Zip Folio 5 5 2 2
Purrrrrrrr I'm with the person who mused that she was surprised how much she enjoys the tassel...it's just the right sophisticated and slightly feminine touch. The quilted cover sets this apart from your basic drab leather portfolios. I'm a VP n a large (10,000+ employee) company, and do international consulting..and this is always by my side. It's professional, but also interesting. As a side note, if you are using the LiveScribe digital pen system, THE FAT LIVESCRIBE PENS FIT (!) with room to spare...as do the Livescribe A5 notebooks. Yahoo!! Wonderful Levenger quality, as always, accommodating the digital age as well! February 5, 2013
Functional Elegance I am truly not lacking portfolios but the picture of the quilted leather was irresistible, and I received my new portfolio today. I chose the silver leather version and am in love with the sight and touch of it. It has the classic features, not too much, just right. I would not have thought that - at my age - I'd get such delight out of a tassel ..... November 14, 2012
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