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Freeleaf Multicolored Annotation Ruled Pads, Letter

Price: $32.00
Item: ADS5570
Substantial multicolored annotation-ruled notepads for the paper aficionado
At Levenger, we understand being particular about paper. Our colored Freeleaf notepad paper is smooth and substantial, friendly to all types of pen and ink and made with sturdy 90-gsm paper stock, with a firm cardboard pad backer. In fact, we believe the quality of these fine notepads can actually help you think better, and capture brilliant ideas more effectively.
  • 50 acid-free sheets per pad, 5 pads per pack
  • Multicolored annotation 1/4-inch ruled format
  • Includes one pad each in blue, gray, green, yellow and salmon
  • Pages are perforated along the top edge
  • Each page has title boxes at the top for categorizing
  • Lines are printed in gray, which is easy on the eyes
  • Gray perforated cover on each pad
  • 8 1/2W x 11 7/8H (11H trim size)
Freeleaf Multicolored Annotation Ruled Pads LTR 4.6 5 8 8
Love These! The quality is superb and we just love this notepad paper in our house. I seriously wish I could use this paper everywhere. May 15, 2013
Makes writing feel like a LUXURY I simply love this smooth, thick high quality paper. I am taking language courses (for fun) at a local college and taking copious notes on this gorgeous paper feels so good. I use high quality ball point pens and the writing implement just glides effortlessly on the paper. It's so nice to use both sides of the paper and see no run-through whatsoever (appeals to my thrifty side). This paper makes me feel like I'm pampering myself and makes studying a pleasure! September 10, 2011
Allow me to be contrarian . . . I can't agree with the glowing reviews. These would be fine pads IF I did not use a fountain pen. The paper feels wonderful, very heavy and smooth to the touch, and the colors are great for being able to find my notes in a stack of white papers. But fountain pen inks bleed through even with a dry-writing extra fine nib. I've only tried the salmon pad so far, but I may be sending my pads back. My experience with Levenger paper has been hit and miss. The pads and Circa paper I've tried have not been fountain pen friendly at all. On the other hand, the wired notebook I have is fantastic! As far as I can figure, it's all supposed to be the same paper, so I guess it's either a quality control issue or different vendors for the different papers. February 4, 2011
New Freeleaf note pad - canary paper As a long-time user of Levenger Notationery note pads (canary color) which were perfect writing surfaces for my roller ball pen, I am unhappy with its replacement, the Freeleaf note pad. The Freeleaf still excels in smoothness and complete lack of bleed-through, but due to its much more pale yellow color, now lacks the strong contrast and high readability of the previous Notationery pads. In addition, the more darkly printed lines compete more with the hand written text for the eye's attention. The only defect in the previous Notationery pads was the inconsistency of the microperfs. They were usually excellent, resulting in easy and quiet tear off, but some lots were not cut through enough and would not tear neatly - leaving paper bits that, if not removed with a tweezers, would cause the next sheet to leave even more of its top edge behind. The new Freeleaf pads solve this problem by using slice perforation, but create new problems. They leave a rough edge at the top with visible paper nibs every 4 mm. Plus, they are much more noisy when tearing out a page, making them less suitable for taking notes at meetings and lectures. Under inspection with a magnifier, the Freeleaf paper is shinier, resulting in some light glare that is absent with the more matte finish Notationery paper. It is also more irregular in fiber appearance. Comparing lines drawn across abutting edges of the two papers, there are bits of background paper color showing through the ink on the Freeleaf paper, while the ink completely covers the Notationery paper. This also contributes to the reduced contrast of the new paper. In summary, I am hoping that Levenger will make the old type pads available again or else the search is on once more for the ideal note pad. September 25, 2010
Works great for fountain pen users I love this new freeleaf paper. I write in this pad with my Levenger pens all the time and am impressed that there is no bleed when using my fountain pen. You can even write on both sides of the page. I also use a highlighter with no bleed on this paper. The paper is true high quality...ink glides smoothly on every page. August 20, 2010
Perfect fit to my needs I love that this paper can capture the topic, date, and filing info on the top. Makes keeping it easy and I don't have to figure out if it's the right paper I am seeking. The fact that it comes in colors means I can further categorize by client or purpose. People always ask me about it in meetings and I have sent several people to your site. My new stocking gift for this upcoming holiday season! October 22, 2008
Take Notes With Style These quality note pads are functional and fashionable. Ink will not bleed through the thick paper. October 22, 2008
Most Useful Paper This paper is so smooth that the pen or pencil flows easily across the page. There is no leakage through to the back side so both sides are totally useful. The weight of the paper allows it to stand up well to time and to being moved from one portfolio to another. The different designs accommodate different tasks but mostly I just love the way the paper feels. October 22, 2008
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