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Fatal flaws On the surface, this is a nicely made and functional folio. However, it has some drawbacks, serious enough to make it useless. The first is that the iPad doesn't fit all the way down in the slot intended for it. This has the effect of misplacing the opening intended for the camera lens. It is about 1/2 the diameter of the lens off, making the camera unusable. Of lesser importance but aggravating just the same is that the hole intended for the home button is also off by about 1/2 the diameter of the button. However, if this fault was corrected, and the iPad was able to slip all the way in, the on/off switch would be completely covered by the case, rendering it unusable. Also, there is a flap, intended to secure the iPad in its slot, which, if used, totally covers the volume switch, meaning you'd have no way of adjusting the volume, or turning the sound on or off. So, while the folio with a pad was a nice idea, some designer wasn't paying attention and completely dropped the ball, making the folio a $149 fail. August 12, 2013
Pleasant surprise I read some of the reviews and was a little concerned over making this purchase, but I wanted a case that help my IPAD, was removable from the case, but had a place also for notes. This fit the bill perfectly. The magnets are plenty substantial to hold the IPAD in place, and the case sets up nicely in two different angles for viewing or taking notes with a separate keyboard. Very please with the product. July 20, 2013
Huge Productivity Boost I have loved my Circa notebook for a LONG time, but the addition of the iPad to my workflow meant carrying my Circa notebook and my iPad case separately, which was cumbersome. The iPad Folio is beautiful and extremely functional - now it's easy for me to have everything in one place which saves me time and makes me more productive - Love it and highly recommend! July 15, 2013
Extremely Pleased! Despite the reviews that complained of the magnet not being strong enough to hold the iPad securely in place, I decided to order one anyway. It did not disappoint. The magnets keep my iPad securely in place, and its versatility gives me the functionality I need for reading, viewing, typing, and taking pictures or video. The strong leather protects my iPad beautifully The notepad is a nice bonus, too. I am very pleased to have purchased this.! April 27, 2013
IPAD Folio As all Levenger products the quality of the folio is 1st Class. I am still getting use to this product but I believe two items stand out for improvement. The magnet needs to be stronger. I am always worried that my IPAD will fall out of the folio. I am considering adding velcro to keep the unit in place better. Also the IPAD still doesn't fit into the sleeve correctly. The opening for the function button does not line up correctly and is quite annoying. April 22, 2013
Better than Others I was really looking forward to receiving this product but it does disappoint in some ways. I'm left-handed so I have to turn it upsdie down and it doesn't really work well that way. When you open the flap the iPad sits on top and falls off the magnets. There doesn't seem to be enough room for a full pad as it doesn't close all the way. And I have to agree with other reviewers, the case doesn't fit the iPad that well. Maybe if the leather stretches a little it might fit a little better. I just got it today so I'll see how it works out when I use it at work. March 8, 2013
Nice Case But... I bought the Work & Play iPad Folio for myself. The Folio sounded very promising with features of protection surrounding the iPad, a magnet holding the iPad in place yet allowing you to detach it easily, a easy folding system to prop the iPad up to read and type plus access to a handy pad to take notes. BUT...it's difficult to access the on-off switch, making it annoying especially when only using the iPad for short periods of time, the magnet is not strong enough so the iPad sometimes falls from the folio when changing positions, the edge of the iPad catches the pad ripping the upper pages and sometimes the iPad doesn't sit solidly in the ridge between the pad and the flap. Many of these problems could be remedied with minor modifications to the folio. A stronger magnet to start, a little wider space between the flap and the writing pad would allow the iPad to sit more easily in that space and would not cause damage to the writing pad. Which is especially annoying after you've spent time taking notes. The on-off switch access may require an indentation or cut out in the back board supporting the iPad. The leather is luxurious, and the case strong. Feels a little heavy but worth the weight for the protection. Overall, the Work & Play iPad Folio has great features that aren't offered elsewhere and would be a perfect case if modified. I hope Levenger makes these corrections, I would love to have the new version. January 21, 2013
almost perfect I received the "Work and Play iPad Folio" for Christmas. The quality is very good, quite impressive actually. The function is well thought-out allowing the iPad to be used in almost any circumstance. I do wish the magnets however were stronger that hold the iPad to the folio as it can come apart sometimes when you don't want it to. The biggest negative for me is the poor workmanship of the protective case. The iPad will not insert far enough into the protective covering to align with the home button and camera cut-outs. This is a constant reminder and aggravation every time I press the home button. By not allowing the ipad to insert far enough, side menus on some apps (such as "Paper") cannot be accessed by your finger or stylus without having to lift the edge of the cover. If a protective cover could be made properly that aligned with the iPad as it should, and the magnets were a little stronger, this could be the perfect iPad folio! January 5, 2013
Lots of compliments I work as a consultant and have had three meetings with this ipad folio. I've gotten compliments at each of the three meetings. The folio exudes high quality and I love that I can remove the ipad and it is still protected. Whoever thought to combine a paper notepad and pen holder is brilliant. Sounds like a 'duh' moment but everyone I know continues to use paper along with their tablet. I'm thrilled I stumbled upon this case that combined paper and ipad. Even more thrilled that it is such a high quality product with real leather (sick of fake leather). I really have nothing negative to say about this case. Well... maybe offer it in more colors. December 30, 2012
Wonderful Folio, but... I really do like this Folio, especially that you can take the Ipad out by itself and it is still secured because the Frame goes all over the Ipad, which is wonderful, The Weight is wonderful also, firm but not to heavy to take with you on Travel, that is a very important Thing. The "BUT" belongs to the Inside, it is Black Velvet Lining in there which makes it looks luxurious, but you can see every little tiny bit in it, like a miniature Hair, each little Lint is visible, all-around each little tiny Thing is visible on the Velvet. May the next one will be different. Otherwise I do like it. December 14, 2012
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