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Circa Pocket Dividers, Multicolored (set of 5)

Price: $12.00-$14.00
Item: ADS6095
Circa notebook dividers with pockets
Organize loose papers, 3 x 5 cards and more in your Circa notebook or agenda with these notebook dividers. These plastic dividers can also help you organize your notebook by section.
  • Set of 5, in soft shades of blue, green, tan, brown and violet
  • Junior holds 3 x 5 cards, receipts and loose papers up to 5 x 8
  • Letter-size holds loose papers up to 8 1/2 x 11
  • Sturdy, Circa-punched translucent plastic with transparent pocket

Corporate pricing available. 
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Circa Multicolored Pocket Dividers set of 5 3.9 5 29 29
A Great Addition to a Notebook! I like these pocket dividers for 7 reasons: 1. In the letter-size notebook, I can use them advantageously in 3 ways: a) As a stash pocket in the back of the notebook (holds a phenomenal amount of papers, cards, etc without bulging out); and b) As a section divider that is especially useful when some sections have only a few pages and others have very thick sections; and c) as the sections themselves, that is, I have reference notebooks which contain only papers, articles, etc. on specific topics, enclosed in the pockets instead of punching them for loose insertion in the notebook. 2. In the Junior and Compact sizes they are indispensable as stash pockets. 3. Great way for having at hand a miscellany of items: notes, business cards, clippings, extra "tools" such as Task Lists, page markers (all in the stash pocket in the back of the notebook) 4. They hold a phenomenal amount of papers, magazines, brochures, et al. 5. Only a minimum of bulk is added to the notebook, considering the amount of paper the pocket can hold. 6. They protect papers superbly. 7. They never seem to deteriorate. There is 1 caveat I observe when using the letter-size pocket dividers: 1. Before inserting papers for the first time in this size pocket, insert 3-12 sheets of letter size paper, slowly and carefully, making sure to hold the flexible, slanted section outward slightly with the hand. After that, papers can be inserted much more easily. I highly recommend this divider pockets because they are so useful, and, once having used them, become almost indispensable. June 20, 2013
Great Addition! I am happy to recommend the Multi-Colored Circa Pocket Dividers. When reviewing them online, I was skeptical as most similar items are flimsy. Levenger's dividers are not! The Pocket Dividers are sturdy yet flexible. The colors are slight .... definitely visible yet still transparent. I am using them to divide my Circa Notebook into "sections". Really enhanced my system! A great buy! May 4, 2013
Sturdy and Useful The Circa pocket dividers are sturdy and useful. However, I have two suggestions for improvement. First, create versions that can used from the left (slant downward) and from the right (slant upward). Secondly, insert an accordion-style expander at the outer edge of the pocket. I am very pleased with my pocket dividers! May 16, 2010
excellent I highly recommend! The color scheme helps seperate different projects December 4, 2009
Best Pocket Dividers I've Used I've used these dividers in my letter size circa notebook for about 3 months, and am extraordinarily pleased with the expansion of the usefulness of the notebook that they provide. I can place about 10 sheets of letter size paper in an divider pocket. I also place magazine style publications and a significant volume of smaller items in other pockets. Because of the tightness and the hardness of the dividers, nothing slips out and there is never any fraying or wrinkling of the contents. These are so superior to the light plastic and paper divider pockets available in office supply stores! April 6, 2009
Great Alternative to Page Protectors I have a catch-all courtroom notebook, and there are some information sheets that I wanted to put in page protectors. After reading the reviews, I realized that Circa page protectors were too small for my info-filled 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. I got one of these pockets in my initial $40 try-it packet, and my sheets fit perfectly in it. So, I got a full set of 5, and my permanent info sheets are now well protected in plastic without having to have been cut. December 10, 2008
Too tight I really liked the concept and idea, but the folder is so tight that you can't get more than one or two pieces of paper in them. So, they are not that functional. October 8, 2008
Too narrow to use as intended I've been a Levenger lover for years, and have an old version of these pocket dividers that's just the right size -- and more supple. I'd recommend returning to the earlier version, as the newer variety are much more stiff (a subjective issue, I know) and too narrow for letter-size sheets (an objective problem). July 15, 2008
Needs to be a slightly wider I ordered these pocket divders and agree with other raters, the pockets are snug. I can just barely slide in a couple of sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper into the pocket, It is really tight and anything more than a couple begin to interfere with the circa holes. They would be perfect if they had tabs and were slightly wider. Would love some bright color options as well. July 15, 2008
Left wanting more I love everything levenger! These pockets are a much needed addition but unfortunately the company needs to desperately seal along the disc line so the paper doesn't catch and wrinkle and it passes by each and every disc. Total disappointment for the money they cost. June 1, 2008
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