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Circa Clincher Discs, 1 1/2 inch (Set of 11)

Price: $29.00
Item: ADS5075
Circa discs with pen-holding centers
We've made Circa discs even more practical by incorporating a rubber gasket in the center of each disc to hold onto your writing instrument. Simply slide your pen or pencil through the discs of your notebook, and the rubber spokes grasp it perfectly.
  • Holds pencils or extra-slim pens like our Pocketini Pen or L-Tech Ballpoint (available separately)
  • Not designed to accommodate True Writers or larger pens
  • Slides in easily, then grips — pull gently to remove
  • 1 1/2-inch discs hold up to 200 sheets
  • Set of 11 discs
  • Enough discs for one letter-size Circa notebook, or one junior and one Circa Jotlet™ Translucent Notebook
Circa Clincher Discs 1 12 inch set of 11 4.1 5 16 16
Functional Pen/Pencil Holder Holds pencils/slim pens easily! April 21, 2014
Great Usage of Circa Discs I bought these discs primarily for the pen holding function. They work well with my Arc Notebook system which is a notebook system similar to Levenger's Circa notebooks. I have used a fountain pen and a ballpoint pen inside the grommets and both worked well. I have had the discs for about a month and I have had no issues with the grommets disintegrating as was mentioned in a previous review. March 26, 2015
Disappointing quality I purchased this product a few months ago-at first I was happy with the function, but now the rubber gaskets inside the disks are all disintegrating. Soon, I'll just have donut discs. For the cost, I'd expect these to last a little longer. September 20, 2014
Wish they came in larger sizes Love the system, but I wish the clincher discs came in the 2 or 3 inch size. January 3, 2014
Right Where I Want It I purchased these discs to use with my school notebook. I hate digging in my backpack or pencil bag before and after every class, especially since I always use the same pencil or pen. With these I never have to look for my pencil, I know right where it is-exactly where I want it! They work great, the pens and pencils I use have fit fine. Still I am considering an investment of a Levenger pen... September 28, 2013
Making Circa even better Using Circa Clincher Discs means always having a pen or pencil handy. One set, mixed with plain 1-1/2 discs means that more than one Circa notebook benefits. Or, if both a pen and pencil are needed, the Clincher Discs can provide that at both ends of a Circa notebook. What a clever addition the Clincher Discs make to the functional Circa system August 4, 2013
why can't they be bigger? i love these discs and they are the only ones i use. but please, why can't you make them in a larger size? i use my junior notebook for work and the current size is simply not sufficient and i constantly have to downsize the number of pages i can carry with me. help...... many thanks for an otherwise fine product April 20, 2013
Great Product Love this product. Great size and it is great that it holds my pen as well.. I love all of Levenger products. April 7, 2013
Clever idea I purchased this product to work with my "other" brand name notebook, which it does fit well. The paper that I have is not Levenger paper and has been sliding out a little easier which could be the paper's design. However, it is not so outrageous that would make me not want to use this product. I love the larger size of the rings and the ability for me to store another pen via the discs. November 4, 2012
Simply love this product I am used to using Stabilo pens that don't have a cover and are thin so they don't fit into the regular pen holders of any diary/planners. But this product solves for that - the rubber grips the pens and they slide in and out easily. Now i carry them to meetings and everyone's just amazed by this product. I have recommended it to my colleagues as well. June 19, 2012
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