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Double Barrel Pen Clip
  • Double Barrel Pen Clip
  • Double Barrel Pen Clip
  • Double Barrel Pen Clip
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Double Barrel Pen Clip

Price: $12.00
Item: ADS4185
A pen holder for your notebook
Stop searching for your writing instruments. Keep two pens or pencils handy on your Circa translucent notebook with our Double Barrel Pen Clip.
  • Holds two True Writers or pens of up to 5/8 inch in diameter
  • Slips easily onto your notebook cover without scratching the surface
  • Lightweight metal
Double Barrel Pen Clip set of 2 4.4 5 12 12
Double Clip is Plenty of Nothing I really needed some way to hold a pen in my Circa notebooks but this isn't it. (I LOVE Circa, but find the attached leather pen loop is not the most efficient.) The clip slides off plastic. One of the clips ended up in the bottom of my purse, which defeats the purpose of using a clip at all and the other slipped off my notebook at work and has disappeared. The whole thing is large and clunky, but manages to be too small for my larger pens. I use Rotring Cores at work because I need a wider pen for extensive writing and this clip does not hold them. (I even tried wedging the pen between the two little cylinders but that doesn't work any better than the regular method.) I'm really glad this was on sale but even so it's money down the drain. January 17, 2014
Can't get enough After I ordered the first two, I quickly realized that I had more notebooks that required a cool, convenient and stylish way to keep my writing/drawing tools near by. November 17, 2013
Pretty Good, Except for What I Needed I have the Circa Junior, which has one pen slot and I really needed a second pen slot, so I thought this would be perfect for what I needed. I like having two pens on hand because I sometimes end up at a meeting with a pen that runs out of ink. With a spare, there are no worries. This product would be perfect except for the fact that there are two pen slots. No matter where you clip it on to the Circa Junior, it ends up underneath the writing surface, making it annoying and useless. I am going to see if I can find a way to pry off the second holder so that there is only one (the outermost one) for the functionality that I need. October 19, 2013
good solution I have a lot of notebooks, and many don't have a pen holder. This fixes it. It's very functional, but could be prettier. One nice thing - it does not scratch the pens, and adjusts to just about every size. March 18, 2013
Astoundingly Simple and astoundingly useful I think there should be a reward for items that make life easier. If there was such an award, I'd nominate this pen clip. It's 2 inches of metal that protects peace of mind. All the minutes lost looking for a pen, not only lost pens, but pens that are merely out of reach. I have one on my checkbook and another on my stack of Index cards that I use to track action lists and projects. It's look is simple and clean. The clip is tight enough for paper covers and has enough give for thick book covers. I ordered a second set to put it on my clipboard when I need it and slip it over project files folder when I'm in a meeting. Worth every dime. June 1, 2011
The BEST thing ever! I use it with my moleskine planner--allows me to keep one pen and one pencil. While it may scratch higher end pens, at least you know they won't be going anywhere! April 7, 2010
Pretty but hurts I originally purchased a set of these in hopes to use with my molskine. Good: They look pretty and suspend the pen sightly at a distance from the cover. Your friends will definitley look impressed. Bad: Scratces thick pens. You heard me correctly, thies will scratch your nice pen if it has a wide barrel. thank god i found this out on my work pen. When attached to a hard cover it will cause damage to the leather, but works fine with soft covers. The inside portion of the clip will also lift the cover from the front page creating a gap. February 19, 2009
I love the "pen" clip! I have a map that must be constantly updated to track 800 assignments in one of two colors of pencil. I carry it on a clipboard with me at all times. I have tried many methods of keeping the pencils attached/close to the clipboard and all failed until I saw this item. I attached the solid back to the clip bar on the clip board. It does not stay flat on the paper/clipboard, but it does stay attached. I have not lost a pencil, nor had one break a lead, in two weeks! One of my coworkers noticed it yesterday and said it was ingenious. July 12, 2008
I like the concept and they are well made, but they create an uneven surface on the back of the side on which they are clipped. Nevertheless, I am keeping them because having a pen or pencil around is a necessity with a notebook. March 1, 2008
great product As an Artist I am always looking for my writing and drawing tools this product not only takes care of where are they but it also does it with style and ease of use February 29, 2008
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