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300 Circa Annotation Ruled  Refill Sheets
  • 300 Circa Annotation Ruled  Refill Sheets
  • 300 Circa Annotation Ruled Refill Sheets
  • Circa Annotation Ruled Refill Sheet, Letter
  • 300 Circa Annotation Ruled Refill Sheets, Junior
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300 Circa Annotation Ruled Refill Sheets

Price: $34.00-$39.00
Item: ADS5910
Refill paper for your Circa notebook or planner
Use this refill paper in any Circa notebook or agenda. These annotation ruled sheets feature a left-hand margin for prioritizing and calling out key points.
  • Set of 300 annotation ruled sheets
  • Annotation margin is compatible with the Cornell note-taking method
  • Headings for Subject and Date
  • Substantial, archive-quality 90-gsm paper
  • Can be used with any Circa notebook or agenda
  • Letter, 8 1/2 x 11
  • Junior, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2

Corporate pricing available. Please call 800-357-9991.

300 Circa Annotation 14 Ruled Refill Sheets 4.7 5 14 14
organizing the workshop model I am one of the teachers in my district that is working with "the workshop model" with Cris Tovani. I am keeping my classes organized by using these sheets for the exit ticket comments from my students. I have one notebook per class. August 17, 2013
Super High Quality Paper I had been using the Circa Junior pages, and just recently switched to the Letter size - love the high quality paper and extra room on the larger pages to capture all my notes. GREAT product! July 20, 2013
Function The layout of the pages is perfect for recording notes and highlighting key items for follow up. July 6, 2013
Great paper This is very good paper. I think I would like the option of just a bit heavier paper for more long-term things like To Do's or Lists that can be moved quite frequently. Still this is excellent paper. May 4, 2013
Noticeable lower quality This paper isn’t terrible, but as the other recent reviewer noted, it is a noticeable lower quality than older Circa refills. Using Levenger ink, and refills from 2012 and ~2004-7, the older paper was smoother, brighter, had less bleeding and had slightly sharper, finer rules. Both papers, however, appear to be the same weight. None of these differences are huge, but they do make for less attractive writing that is sometimes less readable owing to bleeding. One would expect Levenger paper to not bleed as much with Levenger ink. Of course, with ballpoint pens and some roller balls, this probably won’t be noticeable at all. My partner, who uses ballpoints, loves the new paper just as much as the old. I suppose the Rhodia refills are meant to address these problems, but it would really be better if there was a link to those refills from the page for these refills, so that people would realize this paper is not the best choice for Levenger’s own ink. January 29, 2013
Still good, but not quite what it was It's been a few years since I bought refills, but there is a difference in what I had in my notebooks and what I just received. The new pages are not quite as white, not quite as smooth, and (especially on the junior size) the lines on the back of the paper show through a bit more. I even weighed the old vs. the new pages, and the old ones were 2.5% heavier. I'm happy to pay for top quality paper -- if costs for the same paper have risen, I'd rather pay a small percentage more than have the quality diminish. Still probably the nicest paper out there, though. October 10, 2012
Circa refills I am using Circa to write a special journal. It is very helpful to be able to move or insert pages, so that I never have to recopy anything. And if I DO want to rewrite something, I just remove the old page and insert a clean page. May 15, 2011
Adore this system: wish they offered grid paper! Using this Circa notebook has simplified my life immensely. I have been an obsessive list-maker my whole life and I love having ONE place to keep everything! I only use the notebook and plain pages. I've created my own monthly weekly and daily planner pages that I print out accordingly to help me stay on task. LOVE the circa punch which allows me to make my own cover sheets and add my own pages. Love the simple clean style. When I am going on a trip or running errands I put all the extra papers I'm working with in the notebook and either clip it on the side or rubber band it. What makes this notebook reign supreme is the ability to move the pages around based on priorities and relevance! My only suggestion is that they offer a set of grid paper for the notebook. I'm an artist and designer and would love to be able to sketch in the notebook as well. February 20, 2010
Great for work! I have Circa notebooks for my major projects at work and one for my staff meeting notes, but I have one that just holds annotation paper. I take that to just about all meetings to take notes - but I write on different pages if I get information that I need to put in another notebook. When I get back to my office, it's so easy to take the pages out and re-file them into their proper notebooks. I love the heavy gauge of the paper - I can write with just about any pen without bleed-through. And it withstands being moved into different notebooks, because I'm always reorganizing my notes! February 6, 2009
A College Students Best Friend The Circa Annotation pages have been a life saver throughout this past semesters since I have started using them. They keep all your notes in place and allow more versatility and organization when you are writing. I am a geology major at Texas A&M and cannot even begin to describe the importance of precise and organized notes and Diagrams but with the use of the Annotation pages I am able to leave ample room for important figures and information that might have been left out of the original lecture. I would recommend these pages to anyone in college and out of college. October 22, 2008
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