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300 Circa Full-Page Ruled Refill Sheets

Price: $34.00-$39.00
Item: ADS5920
Refill paper for your Circa notebook or planner
Use this refill paper in any Circa notebook or agenda. These full-page ruled sheets are ideal for copious note-taking.
  • Set of 300 full-page ruled sheets
  • Headings for Subject and Date
  • Substantial, archive-quality 90-gsm paper
  • Junior: 5 1/2 x 8 1/2
  • Letter: 8 1/2 x 11
  • 1/4-inch line space
300 Circa Full Page Ruled Refill Sheets 4.6 5 14 14
Beautiful and Useful I love this paper. I am a graduate student, and I use a junior circa notebook to keep track of project ideas, detailed notes on journal articles, and a whole host of other things. I love the full-paged ruled, since the annotation ruled tends to make the writing space too narrow in my opinion. The paper is high quality, and writes well. I do have two small complaints: sometimes when I use a fountain pen, the ink bleeds through. I would love to see a slightly thicker paper option for fountain pen users. It would also be fun to see the lines in different colors, maybe the Rhodia purple? Lastly, I wish that when I bought new circa notebooks that full page rule was an option, since I hardly use the annotation rule. September 15, 2013
Love my Circa! I love my Circa! I use one for meetings, and one for the novel I'm writing. For meetings, I like being able to take a notebook with a pretty cover to any meeting, and then transfer my notes to one of the translucent covers. I have one of those for every group or conference I attend. For my novel, I write my first draft in longhand in my Circa, and then transcribe it. I use Word to format the pages into booklet form, print and cut and punch them to go back into the Circa. I've got notes, images, scene ideas, outlines, everything in there. And I can tuck it into my purse and take it anywhere. August 7, 2013
Love this system I love this system! The junior size paper is perfect for keeping notes and handy for transporting from meeting to meeting. July 27, 2013
Yeah! for Full-Page Ruling Full-page ruling, finally! So happy to see this addition to the Circa paper styles! Great for writing, especially when one doesn't want to go the Cambridge style margins route. I frequently use these as addendum sheets to some of the more specialized formatted sheets. The paper seems to be of good quality, yet not as white as other refills and has a much coarser texture. Still, they are very useful. June 23, 2013
Good Overall Note-taking Paper I love the Circa system, and this paper does a good job for basic note-taking--nice design and a good weight. However, I would echo previous reviews in saying that it would be wonderful to have this, as well as the grid design, available in the Rhodia paper, which is absolutely my favorite and is very smooth and durable. October 2, 2012
Love the quality I am new to Circa products and I just fell in love with the functionality and the quality of the products. I am a fan of the full-page ruled paper because I am an avid note taker. I would love to see the full ruled paper offered in colors like the annotated ruled sheets. September 22, 2012
Circa VS. Competitors Since the new paper has been available I have been much more pleased with the Levenger paper. It is much more conducive to writing with bottled ink and a fountain pen than the previous version. However, I noticed one of the major chain office supply stores has their own version of circa so I thought of trying their cheaper products. Originally I was shocked and thought it was a better buy. The paper held ink well and was good to write on. But now that I have had both brands of paper in my notebooks I have realized a quality that is imperative for this type of notebook and Levenger's product is far superior than the other brands. Levenger's paper is much sturdier around the punched area and therefore holds up much, much better. The importance of this quality doesn't need much explaining but in short you can remove your pages many times with Levenger's without worry of it not holding up and staying in the notebook. The other companies paper after only a couple of position adjustments is all but useless. For this one quality it is well worth the extra few dollars to invest in Levenger's paper instead of trying to save a buck and go with the less expensive brand. One of the other reviewers commented about the paper being a bit rough, I can agree with that. Although I have not had any problems with my pens getting clogged with fibers from the paper. I also hardly ever write on the back side of a page. I could offer one solution if this is a problem for others. Try the Circa Rhodia paper. It is much smoother and a real joy to write on. Unfortunately it is only offered in annotation style pages but for those who like that set up it is the best product available that I am aware of. February 29, 2012
Disappointed I just received my order of fully lined and annotation paper (one of each). I was dismayed to find that white is now gray. My older paper is a bright white. The new stuff is grayer, and somewhat larger, making a notebook with pages of each sort look ragged at the edges. The newer paper is coarser and doesn't accept wet ink as well. I love the circa concept, and have several notebooks. I'm disappointed that it's not going to be as much fun writing on the new paper. August 19, 2011
Just One Problem I like the idea of the Circa system. I use one for my personal journal. My one big gripe has been with the quality of the paper. I write with a fountain pen. The front side of the paper seems to write fairly well but the back of the page does not have the same quality of finish. My extra fine nib pen clogs up when writing on the back but works okay on the front. I have a medium nib pen that works most of the time on the back but even it acts up some of the time on the back. I am hoping that this new 90 gsm paper will help get rid of these problems. Otherwise, a pretty good product. June 14, 2011
Bring back the Compact Size ! I love all styles of the Circa, and use this full page ruled paper most often in each size. Good feel to the paper, thick enough to write on both sides without bleed through, etc. By FAR the most useful size for me is the Compact. I have a shelf full of the refills stock piled, but am always worried I'll run out. PLEASE don't get rid of Compact full page ruled refills !!!! June 28, 2010
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