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Aluminum Circa Discs, 1 inch (Set of 11)

Price: $25.00
Item: ADS5225
Aluminum Circa Discs
Update your existing Circa notebook with these shiny Aluminum Circa Discs. These neutral shades complement a wide range of our Circa notebooks.
  • 100% lightweight aluminum
  • Holds up to 150 sheets of paper
  • Set of 11 is enough to make one letter-size notebook or one junior-size notebook, plus one Jotlet
  • Pages turn easily around the discs
Aluminum Circa Discs 1 set of 11 4.6 5 15 15
Great look and better function Not only do these look incredibly great but they also seem to make my notebook operate more smoothly, the pages turn better and seem more secure. Much better than the plastic ones. July 19, 2013
Eye Catching All of my colleagues stop and need to look at the rings on my binder. Many have Levenger binders of their own - but not rings like these. They have an exceptional finish and feel. Some of our Engineers have looked at them and wonder how they're made... machined from two sides... June 29, 2013
So pretty! I got the plum aluminum discs to go with my purple LevTex notebook. It's like they were made for each other! (which maybe they were...). They turned my good looking notebook into a great looking notebook. June 10, 2013
BRING ON THE SMALLER SIZES...(please!) I find these easier to use but the problem for me is that the larger ones aren't the ones that get jammed- it's the smaller ones- I'd LOVE and buy in bulk if you had these in 1/4 and 1/2 inch sizes. I'm begging... April 19, 2013
Finely machined and indestructible More detail in limerick form :) Teal discs, of aluminum make Can be used for Circa books' sake Punched paper does slide O'er these circular guides Secure from the hardest of shakes. April 18, 2013
Nice touch to note taking Functional;stylish;easier flipping; 2"/3" please February 9, 2013
Suprised I have used a Levenger Notebook off and on for about 3 years and no one ever commented on it. I knew I needed larger discs as my notebook content was growing. I read the reviews and decided to purchase the 1" aluminum Caribbean discs to go with the color of my notebook. In the past week, I have already had three people ask me about my notebook and where they could purchase one. I didn't know discs could make such a difference. June 10, 2012
Not as Pictured The picture of this product gives the impression that the gold discs are a polish finish when in fact the finish is a matte finish. Disappointed... December 30, 2011
Elegant style & function I managed to get these gorgeous discs in the beautiful red color. Red is my favorite color, and these beautiful discs did not disappoint. I work as a busy scheduler in a doctors' office and I have to keep up with a lot of information---and the only way I can do it is with the help of the Circa system. Both co-workers and many patients have commented on these gorgeous red discs. My cover, paper, and pockets turn freely & smoothly around these discs. I was fortunate to get them on sale through the Boston sore---they were so friendly and helpful over the phone. Even though it is something of an investment to get started with the Circa system, I have found it to be absolutely indispensable for me. If you are on the fence about these discs--don't worry, you won't be disappointed! I am thinking about getting these beautiful discs in another color. Well done, Levenger!! November 24, 2011
I've come to like the Circa system very much and have incorporated it as my primary note taking and project organization tool. As such, my notebook is fairly full and gets carried with me everywhere. I purchased the metal rings for their aesthetics and based on the reviews. I like their appearance very much and the pages do turn much easier with the metal rings. I've come to find that the ease of turning is due to smaller dimensions which also makes the notebook much less durable. I'm constantly reinstalling my covers (I have the Junior Leather version) and the first and last few pages as I tote my notebook everywhere with me. If I kept this at my desk and didn't load it as full, these rings would be very nice, but given the amount of material in my notebook and it's travels, these rings just won't cut it. October 12, 2011
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