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Circa Portable Punch 3.5 5 57 57
broke after 2 months I couldn't believe this broke after 2 months of use. I bought it to take to meetings as a convenience. The regular circa punch is too heavy to tote around. After a few uses, it stopped punching holes. I couldn't believe it. All my other products are great. June 29, 2012
Works well for me but a little heavy in Briefcase I have had no issues with this punch working or breaking. I have carried it daily in my Briefcase with no problems other than weight. I like the weight of the punch as it feels like it is quailty built. Due to the fact that it is two pieces it makes packing in a Briefcase (TravelPro Executive First) a little difficult. I will be looking into the newer 1-2-3 as I like the one piece design and lower price point. May 24, 2012
Horrible I had so much trouble with this punch. Save yourself the trouble and purchase the leverage punch... it's worth it. February 6, 2012
Not such a great punch I bought this punch to carry around with me in my work bag. I set the bag down too hard and a plastic end of the punch broke rendering it useless. Nothing else in the bag broke (laptop, various electronics, drink bottle, etc.), just the punch. It sat on my desk for months while I forgot to call Levenger then "somebody" in my house threw it away as a broken piece of clutter. Now I have the ruler but not the punch. It seems from the other reviews that the end plastic part is a weak point in the punch so if you buy this be careful carrying it around. January 9, 2012
How to improve the Portable Punch Hello! I'm Circa fan and using it all along! Now it is quite often I use small scraps of paper for my current notes. The thing is that I'd rather use the Circa portable punch on such small scraps of paper directly - without ruler which accompanies portable punch. Alas, if one just inserts a sheet of paper into portable punch he would get incomplete holes (see attached image #1). Now I believe this is that Levenger might just improve in their portable punch - make it usable without accompanying ruler to punch small scraps of paper which only need three holes. My solution meanwhile is that I superglued thick plastic fishing line inside the punch paper receiver (right to the backside inside the paper receiver) - see attached image #2. This gave me these 1.5 millimeters to make complete holes with portable punch without using the ruler! And should you need to punch bigger sheet - just use ruler as usual - modded portable punch still works with ruler just fine too! Cheers George October 30, 2011
Cheaper Portable Punch My husband surprised me with a kit that included the starter kit and the portable punch two weeks ago. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the notebook itself but I feel completely opposite about the portable punch. The hole punch itself broke in half after only two weeks! I am weary about even investing in buying the desktop puncher given that the quality of this punch was not good at all! October 15, 2011
You'll punch everything! This punch works fine. I was a little worried when I bought it because of the earlier reviews. This punch does have limitations, but it works well and is a great buy for those of us who can't pay $69 for the desk version. It can handle 3 sheets at a time and it's not the best for covers (not an issue if you use the plastic ones that come with Circa notebooks), but it IS portable with a bit of care. It's easy to use once you're shown how to (staff at the Boston store were very helpful). A video might be useful for people who order online. March 5, 2011
Circa Portable Punch I finally decided to purchase this punch when I ran out of top-punched PDA Circa index cards. Very quickly, I found myself not only punching index cards, but everything else as well - emails, spreadsheets, brochures - all the things I used to carry to meetings separately and can now place securely, and neatly organized, inside my Circa planner. I love that! The punch itself is very easy to use. I've already lent it to co-workers who use Circa. I've joked that they each get 10 minutes of use and then have to give it back and purchase their own! Love Circa and the Levenger quality! February 7, 2011
Ideal for Circa travelers I have both punches and especially enjoy the heavy, stable, and retooled desk top punch. However, for travel nothing beats the convenience of this portable model. My only gripe: it should be reengineered to punch larger holes as its big brother now does! August 18, 2010
Kinda cool actually I let the thing sit in my desk for a long time because it wasn't immediately obvious how to use it (and I don't do instructions well). Finally, I had a strong enough need, figured it out (I had thrown out the instructions) and used it. Pretty clever and cool and satisfying to use. Dig it. February 24, 2010
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