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Freeleaf® Vivacious Pads (set of 5)

Price: $24.00 Now $7.95 Save 67%
Item: ADS8365
Notepads for creative thinkers
We’ve added three unique formats to our collection of smooth and substantial Freeleaf Pads. These specialty notepads are designed to creatively inspire brilliant new ideas.
  • Set of 5 pads
  • 50 acid free sheets of substantial 100-gsm paper per pad
  • Firm cardboard pad backer
  • Pages are double-sided and perforated for easy removal
  • Spaces for subject and date at the top of each page
  • Cross-dot in green has a 1/4" cross-dot pattern, ideal for notes, sketches or doodles
  • Dual rule has alternating white and orange 1/4" shaded lines, perfect for taking notes or making lists
  • Grid/ruled in blue has an annotation column and a 1/4" grid format, useful for sketching and drawing to scale with notes
  • Junior-size paper: 5W x 7 1/4H
  • Letter-size paper: 8 1/2W x 11H