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Circa LevTex Traditional Foldover Notebook 4.8 5 9 9
Great Product I love my Circa LevTex Notebook. The LevTex material is gorgeous, and you would never know it's not the regular leather foldover notebook. The elastic strap easily sits at the back of the notebook--so if you're like me, and that is something that makes you hesitant about this notebook, you can act like it's not even there. However, I've been using it as a page holder/divider, and I love that function! I wish that the notebook came with larger discs. I added three pocket dividers and needed to switch to larger discs. September 23, 2013
Classy There are several iterations/brands of this kind of notebook/planner. I've tried others, but end up abandoning them after a short time because they just don't look as good. This one looks and feels so rich and classy! I often carry it with me even when I don't need it just because it looks so good! August 5, 2013
Looks great, love to use I love the feel and look of this cover. It works in a business meeting as well as a casual meeting. I like the system as a whole - I can divide and add pages with ease, never have to worry about jumping to another notebook. July 27, 2013
Project Manager must have I've been trying to find something that I could use for versatility and ease of transition from one project to another. I'm still working it out but overall this is the best product. Being able to "clip" any type of paper in has been quite helpful. July 27, 2013
Great Value Bought this on a promotional sale. Great value for the money. Exceeds all expectations. This is now the 4th Circa notebook I own and I use them all. July 22, 2013
LevTex Notebook in Red The LevTex Notebook look absolutely fabulous in red. The stitching is beautiful, the color is perfect, and the option to emboss your name or initials on the cover is very nice. The circa-punched pages allow you to remove or add pages of notes at will, and this is a welcome a relief from the drawbacks of spiral bound and hard bound notebooks. The only real (minor) quibble I have is the quality of the paper provided with purchase. The inks I use feather quite badly on this paper. I suspect it may contain quite a bit of recycled material. Of course, this may actually be a plus for you. For me, however, I like to have a dense, high-quality paper that does not allow ink to feather. Fortunately, Levenger offers circa paper made by Rhodia (sold separately), which is of a much higher quality (although ink does also take longer to dry on this paper). In a perfect world, Levenger would allow you to choose the kind of paper that comes with the order of this notebook. But don't let that stop you from buying. This is a great product. July 21, 2013
A 5 Star product I purchase this notebook unexpectedly: There was an excellent sale and I decided to try it. It exceeded all of my expectations and has replaced my other notebook. Being able to easily remove and/or move pages around is a big plus. The notebook itself is beautiful (I ordered it in red) and easy to carry around. There are several handy pockets inside the front over for business cards and other important papers. I highly recommend this to any professional. July 21, 2013
Surprisingly happy purchase I hesitated to purchase this Circa Smooth LevTex™ Foldover Notebook in claret because I am accustomed to purchasing only leather and I have purchased many over the years for myself and for gifts, but it came as a good price and I was intrigued by the color. I am delighted. I think it is the most beautiful color (Claret) I have ever had. Furthermore, I can't tell the difference between this LevTex and the numberous leather ones I have bought. I was so happy with the Junior size I couldn't resist ordering the Letter size to have a pair. LevTex Circa Foldover notebooks in this beautiful Claret color are absolute winners. Thank you. July 20, 2013
LevTex Notebook Very nice and good looking notebook. I have created an iPad holder with the Circa Plastic dividers and Velcro tabs. If this works out I will be looking at the Circa Notebooks designed to hold the iPad. Packaging is nice for gifting or storage. Thanks July 20, 2013
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