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Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda 2015 with FREE App Sampler Kit

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Item: ADS8740
The smart way to take charge of your life: an agenda you can build on
Make 2015 the most organized year ever with this edition of the Circa smartPlanner, the innovative planner that lets you choose the way you want to put it all together. The weekly Master Agenda is the centerpiece of this intuitive system. It works just fine by itself. But it works even better when you add your own selection of Circa smartPlanner paper-based apps. (More on the apps below.) The Master Agenda features weekly and monthly calendar sheets and monthly tabs, plus a perpetual calendar. All are on high-quality paper and with soft shadings of color that help you in your organizing.
Weekly sheets: Set your weekly appointments and goals
On these ruled pages of the smartPlanner Master Agenda, list your appointments for the week on the left side, and jot notes and goals related to them on the right. At the end of each week, tear off the tiny perforated corner at the bottom of each page---a sure sign that you’ve made progress.
Monthly sheets: Manage both work and home on the movable monthly planner sheets
The Master Agenda’s monthly planner sheets feature softly shaded areas so that you can manage two aspects of your life at once---work and home, for example. You may want to place each monthly sheet in front of the weeks’ agendas. Or you may prefer to keep all 12 of the monthly planning schedules in one section of your Master Agenda. Because the smartPlanner uses Levenger Circa-punched paper, you can easily move around any of the pages.
Keep a perpetual calendar cued with gift ideas
There’s plenty of room in the Master Agenda’s ruled perpetual calendar to include gift ideas for those birthdays and anniversaries.
FREE: Power up your Master Agenda with the sampler kit of optional apps
Embedded in the word “paper” is the word “app.” Add the optional paper-based Circa smartPlanner apps to your Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda, and now you have a planner that’s both loaded with productivity and fortified with fun.
Your smartPlanner includes 3 sheets of each of these apps: To Do, Take-With Lists, Keep & Share Notes, Meeting Notes, Travel Tamer, Ideation Station, and Doodler. (Shop all apps here on See which apps work best for you, then order full packs of those.

Keep tabs on your agenda with these writable tabs
Another helpful option you have for your smartPlanner Master Agenda are our Circa smartTabs and Circa smart Annotation Tabs, available in both junior and letter size. Both offer you room to write on them, front and back. The smartTabs have a vertical format; the Annotation Tabs have a horizontal format.
  • Weekly and monthly calendars, 2015, plus perpetual calendar
  • Yearly calendars, 2014-2017
  • 12 monthly tab dividers, with month-at-a-glance ruled page.
  • FREE sampler kit of optional apps for even better organization.
  • High-quality, 100 gsm Levenger paper holds up to repeated use; junior size (5 1/2 x 8 1/2) or letter size (8 1/2 x 11)
  • “Belongs to” page for identification
  • Circa-punched pages for optimal movability
  • Designed to hold optional smartPlanner apps, available separately
  • Translucent covers: junior, 7 1/8W x 8 3/4H; letter, 9 1/4W x 11 1/4H
  • 1” black Circa discs
Click the links to enjoy a FREE download of the following sample apps:
Quotes of Note (junior), Quotes of Note (letter) and What Makes Me Happy
Circa smartPlanner Agenda Sampler 2015 4.8 5 29 29
The joy of planning on paper These planner pages bring joy to those of us who appreciate a quality paper-based planning system. The paper is smooth and substantial enough to use any type of pen or ink without bleed-through. The soft neutral colors allow you to use any color scheme you wish, and also allows you to add decoration if that is a motivating force for you. There is just enough room to handle my normal schedule, and since I am not a business person, I use the goals list for meal planning. I especially enjoy the blank section on the bottom right page, which is useful for any extra information I might need that week. Finally, the Circa binding system gives so much flexibility that I cannot think of a better system to use. I highly recommend these pages! May 7, 2015
Perfect for me! I love love this planner. I had intentions to use it everyday and carry it around but the smaller was more practical for me for that purpose. This one has become our family agenda book to have everyone's schedules on and we all review. I also love the sampler this came with. We are using to see which we use more so I know what refills to order. Great product all around! February 12, 2015
Perfect for Summary & Detail The monthly pages give you a quick view of your monthly schedule. While the weekly pages allow sufficient space to detail appointments, list weekly goals and/or tasks. High quality paper! Great product! January 29, 2015
Love this! I have used and loved the circa products for years, but this is my favorite. I love the way the calendar is organized, and I especially love the apps like the "To Do" pages, the perforated "Lists" pages and the "Keep and Share" perforated pages. I love using the Lists page to make my shopping lists that I just tear and take. On the other side which stays in my notebook, I make menus and other notes. This Circa Smart Planner Master Agenda is wonderful. It is extremely functional, professional and totally fabulous. I have been looking for something like this for years! January 22, 2015
Fantastic Little Tool I have loved using the calendar app on my smart phone, but found myself longing to return to a paper planner because it's simply more efficient for me. I got the Junior size which fits in my purse and absolutely love it! It is great to be able to move the pages around easily (and the cardstock used is really durable, so the pages stand up to many moves). I added some extra tabs for organization and a black leather notebook cover for a touch of class and have been completely happy with this purchase. January 22, 2015
The completely flexible planner I love this little planner! You have complete control on how you set it up, what pages you want to include, add, the order you want it in. And in a much easier way that opening and closing a 3 or 8 ring binder. And extremeley affordable at $29 for the whole year! Lines are wide enough to write in, love the 2 page per week layout. My only more negative opinion is that I don't care for the clear cover. I may have to upgrade that part. January 19, 2015
Useful Planning Tool This system was recommended to me by a friend and I use it in the same manner he does: to manage my tasks. I find the format makes planning easy and Circa design allows for a lot of flexibility. January 16, 2015
Fabulous Calendar & Organizer I buy the Circa Master Planner every year and now have begun to add all the other fantastic add-on pages (like lists, travel, meeting notes, to-do lists, etc.) I like to have everything in one place. The book is sturdy, has ample room to write your appointments, notes and daily to-do lists. And I'm using the Junior size (5x8). Better than any other calendar I have found on the market - and trust me, I have searched and tried them all! January 15, 2015
This Adgenda Rocks it! I have never been able to find a planner that was not bulky. I wanted something that did not take more work than I already had but allowed me to keep up with what I needed to. This is perfect. It is simple and perfect for the person with OCD. If something is not where you want it you just pop it out and move it. I have never been happier. This is my third year. I ordered the Master Agenda 2015 kit for myself and two as gifts and we all love them. I have everyone in the office hooked on them. We can all arrange them the way we want and is easiest for us. I really do not know how anyone would not be happy with these products. January 8, 2015
Great Planner! After searching for a 'hard-copy' planner, this one fit all my requirements! I've been wanting to try out the Circa system and I''m glad I finally did. My only problem is that the week starts on Monday with Saturday and Sunday sharing the last block of each row. So I keep confusing my Monday and Tuesday meetings (thinking that Monday is Sunday). I ordered the tabs and pockets to insert where needed. January 4, 2015
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