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Circa smartPlanner COMPLETE agenda 9app pack 4.8 5 14 14
Terrific Planning Folio!!! I recently ordered the Master Agenda with the sampler pack of apps. I just love this thing!!! Over the years I've used a number of intelligently designed planners but this one is exceptional. Circa paper quality is superior to most I've tried. I really like the option of re-ordering pages and tucking in additional information with the apps and Circa blank sheets. I've always used full monthly calendars with week at a glance planning pages. Previously I tracked smart phone and digital schedule planning along with two or three paper planners and sticky notes on the weekly pages plus to do lists stuck in between or taped on my paper planners. Smart Planner's Master Agenda folds everything into a neat, streamlined package. I can customize this planner in so many ways that I no longer need all the systems that "sort of" worked. The one suggestion I have is to sell the multifold year at a glance as an app by itself for those of us that have the master agenda and don't need more monthly tabs. And some options for different solid colors of paper would be fabulous. Nice job Levenger!!! April 7, 2014
Love the SmartAgenda The SmartAgenda is the perfect complement to an electronic calendar. I have used virtually every planner system available, and the new format combined with traditional Circa flexibility suits my needs beautifully. The quality of the paper is excellent and all of the sheets are well designed for their purpose. Thank youj!! February 25, 2014
Brought me pack to daily planning! It has been awhile since I have used a paper pen and planner, mainly due to my company using Outlook and our phones for everything, but for some reason I missed the old paper and pen style. Every year I went out and tried something new from either DayRunner, DayTimers, or Franklin-Covey but never had much success with them - until now. I will say this much, the quality or paper that is used is top notch. I don't have to worry about the bleed through that I have had to worry about with under planning pagers, and the layout of the pages is just what I need in terms of keeping everything in order for the daily grind that I have. There are only a few quibbles that I have with the planner over all, and that is just dealing with the notes section and the colors. While I am typically a fan of the earthy tones, I just think that a gray would look better, and I would like the notes section to either have a grid or line pattern to it. I understand why they would make it unlined, but for me, I like to have some order to the chaos when it comes to my ramblings :). The additional pages that comes with the planner are helpful and a lot of my coworkers find the pads to be awesome in meetings (I am going to have to pick up more doodlers and idea station pages!) But to everyone who may buy these, just remember your coworkers! Overall, very well thought out system and I will definitely be back in the future for one next year! February 1, 2014
2014 master agenda and apps I had picked up a 2014 ARC planner refill at Staples, and was thoroughly bored by it. I considered several different planners before ordering Circa. I love the disc system because I helps keep my planner only as full as I want it to be, and lets me arrange it exactly for my needs. I also like that the pages and tabs had some color and style. The color is neutral enough to work for both men and women. I like several of the apps, although not all 9. I do wish Levenger would include dividers for the apps as part of the package. Overall, great product. Thanks, Levenger! January 15, 2014
Greatly improved Each year I go to catalog for a planner refill. Yes, I use my IPhone calendar, but still have to have a paper for day to day use. This year's product seems to be the best ever. I think I will be better equipped to keep everything and everyone in sync and in one place. I'm always looking for better tools for organization, I think this is it! January 13, 2014
Best I Could Find My husband and I have significantly different needs where calendars are concerned. I looked at as many planners as I could stand. I came back to Circa. Why? Because we can each set our own as we like it and then coordinate. I purchased all the "apps" but to be honest, they're not overly useful to me. The Contacts, Keep &Share and To Do seem the most versatile and useful. List might be good for a grocery shopping list. And I'd love to add the Doodler pages, but there's no room for them. Please note: If you want to add anything to your scheduler apart from what is provided in the Circa package, you will either have to remove some pages or up the size of your discs. There's little room to add. I like the Monthly tabs and placed each weekly bunch of pages behind the appropriate tab - making it easier to work in one month without having to turn back and forth from place to place. I also added my own "ribbon" place holder as you can't find your page that easily otherwise. I like to grab the ribbon and be on my current page immediately. This saves time and frustration. Levenger might want to consider such an addition, tho' they do have the page finder but it's not part of this set. We've used Circa for years and find it the best possible notebooks. Junior works well for us in most everything. It's a convenient size and still large enough for notes, etc. The weekly pages are set up a bit funky, but you'll get used to it. It might have been more intuitive if the weekdays were either upper on the page with weekends on the bottom, or if they'd somehow set it as a normal Sun-Mon week. That said, the mirroring page is wonderful for notes, tasks and misc you need to jot. My husband's has the leather cover, embossed. He LOVES it and receives complements everywhere he goes. There too, a bit more space for more pages might have been in order - but he's being more careful with what he puts in it. Yes, I would recommend this. Keep in mind, you're paying prime for this item. It's not an easy or cheap purchase. But the paper is good quality and the fact that you can alter the pages in any way that you want (a Circa joy) makes up for having to buy three or four average planners to find something you like. The only thing really missing is a pen holder. Would have been a nice add on. December 31, 2013
Love it how about some "mom" apps My business husband got this for me and I love the apps as I love making lists. As a suggestion, how about some additional apps, like recipe cards sorta in the format of the contacts app? December 28, 2013
Circa smartPlanner COMPLETE agenda Great Product .. Peers are worked will be order one for their own soon. December 21, 2013
Switching Planners I'm switching planners this year. Been using the Moleskine daily planner for several years, and since I need different kinds of pages depending on current activities, I thought I'd give this a try. Already use Circa stuff for projects and other stuff, so this was a no-brainer wrt what to try next. So far, between this and the "apps", I think I've got everything covered, and given the ability to put pages in any order I want, I think I've finally found something that'll work for me. December 14, 2013
excited about this planner I just received the complete system and have started adding my 2014 information. I love the colors they use and the flexibility to put together the planner as it works best for you. The quality of this product, as with all things Levenger, is wonderful. December 14, 2013
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