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Circa SmartPlanner Doodler
  • Circa SmartPlanner Doodler
  • Circa SmartPlanner Doodler
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Circa smartPlanner Doodler, Letter (Set of 2)

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Item: ADS8610
Discover the productivity power of this paper “app” for your Circa smartPlanner

Embedded in the word “paper” is the word “app.” These pads are one of the many paper-based apps that you can get for the Circa smartPlanner system. Add this app to the smartPlanner and ramp up your productivity another notch.

If you like to use your noodle, here’s a great way to doodle
Doodling gets the creative juices flowing and the ideas humming. Let the soft color blocks on these sheets, each a different shape, inspire your inner doodler. You’ll be less inclined to discard your doodles (don’t---they could be famous some day).

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  • Soft color blocks, front and back
  • Both horizontal and vertical formats
  • Dateline for remembering each day of the doodle
  • Use as a sketch pad or jotter, too
  • Levenger high-quality, 100 gsm paper holds up to repeated use
  • Set of 2 Circa-punched pads, 25 sheets each
  • Letter size works in all Circa Letter notebooks
  • Letter-size paper, 8 1/2W x 11H
Take your productivity to a whole new level of customization and fun with the apps designed for the Circa smartPlanner.