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Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK
  • Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK
  • Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK, Junior
  • Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK, Junior
  • Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK, Junior
  • Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK, Junior
  • Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK, Junior
  • Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK, Junior
  • Circa SmartPlanner 7-APPS PACK, Junior

Circa smartPlanner LTG 7-APP PACK

Price: $34.00-$44.00
Item: ADS8710
Get yourself really organized with these seven organizational apps---no downloading needed!

The Circa smartPlanner  LTG 7-app pack contains seven of the paper-based apps designed for use in the Circa smartPlanner Agenda or any Circa notebook of corresponding size. Place them wherever they work best for you in your agenda. Each app helps you stay more organized in a different way.
Included in the LTG Pack are three LIST apps (To Do, Take-With Lists, Keep & Share Notes), one TASK app (Meeting Notes), and three GO apps (Travel Tamer, Ideation Station, Doodler).
1. To Do app
Five color blocks give you more manageability—make one long list or five different ones, for daily or recurring tasks. Each color block can be for a different kind of To Do---work, home, fitness, and so on. Or assign different colors to various family or team members. With a column for prioritizing, plus a date and check-off box for marking progress.

2. Take-With Lists app (perforated)
Vertically perforated sheets mean you can keep separate lists for work and home, or for different projects. Keep these multiple lists in your Master Agenda till you’re ready to perf and take with.

3. Keep & Share Notes app (semi-perforated)
A delegator’s dream: give the perf’d side of the color block (5 per sheet) to the doer, and keep a record of your directions on the other. Or make it the traffic manager for items you lend, with a note to whom and when on the Keep side and a gentle reminder about returning on the Share side. You can also use the two sides independently, jotting flashes of inspiration on the Keep sheets and making notes to yourself on the Share sheets. (Place them where they’re most likely to jog your memory.) Let this app do the work for your memory, which you can put to better use.
4. Meeting Notes app
This app helps you turn notes into useful references and action points. On the front, use separate sections for concepts, key points and action steps.  On the back, use the ruled white sheet for taking longer notes. A pagination line keeps track of multiple pages on the same topic.

5. Travel Tamer app
Consolidate info for each trip onto one simple sheet—flights on front; hotels, cars and sights on back. Use completed sheets as reference for repeat trips. They’re also a helpful record for expense reports.

6. Ideation Station app
Find a creative solution to a problem using different words to connect concepts. The Ideation Station app adapts the effective method that Todd Henry, the author of The Accidental Creative, has designed for starting with a challenge and ending up with possible---and often surprising---solutions. You can do all this on one sheet of paper (take some with you on the plane).

7. Doodler app
Soft colors and different shapes (vertical blocks on back) just may help you doodle your way to ingenious new thoughts. Not a doodler? Use as a sketch pad or to jot notes.

  • Levenger high-quality, 100 gsm paper holds up to repeated use
  • Handy sizes that work in other Circa notebooks as well as the smartPlanner
  • Junior-size paper, 5 1/2W x 8 1/2H
  • Letter-size paper, 8 1/2 W x 11H
  • Each app pad has 25 sheets
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Great Assortment I bought this assortment to try out the different types of paper for my organizer. I could immediately see the value in several of the types and after experimenting, I see the value in many more of them. I'm still getting myself organized in a new job and figuring out what works the best. I love the Doodle pages - they are definitely set up for the way I think. I love the colors of the paper and how they keep me organized and stand out against plain paper. The paper is thick and I have no problem with bleed through. July 30, 2015
Great assortment I chose the large "sample pack" (25 sheets of each type) for the value as I really wanted 3 of the products. But now that I have them, they are all serving a function in my Circa. I particularly like the meeting notes and to-do sheets because they operate like my brain! It is so easy to organize my thoughts and know exactly where they are in terms of color coding on the to do sheets. And the meeting planner have the sections in perfect place for quick recall. I was not sure what to do with the "doodle" sheets but then end up being a good store post-it notes on which I have written something...and then I can go back and write notes around them as necessary! January 16, 2015
Heaven for the Organizers I have received a few if these in the sample sizes from previous purchases, and fell in love. The wide selection helps when you in many different situations and Circa's make-it-your-way convenience are perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle that still wants to look professional. January 1, 2015
Grat way to check out a variety of styles I am addicted to circa -- it's such an awesome way to organize myself with flexibility. I am always looking for new layouts and ideas for notes so the variety pack is so useful. I can try out a bunch of different items to determine which work best for me. August 14, 2014
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