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Planning with forms and function I have used several planning 'systems' in the past and understand the principles of GTD. However these other systems have been so rigid in their methodology that have caused me to leave them after a time. I have tried using computer based planners and calendars and although good they are not great, even with the availability of smart phones. Putting pen or pencil to paper allows for a greater connection to the commitments I have made and the memory of the intent. The circaSmart Planner meets my needs to be able to keep track of a week on the go and keep everything in one place. The quality of the paper, printing, and forms can not be surpassed. I enjoy the expression of using a fountain pen and in the day and age of electronic messaging most companies do not products are not fountain pen friendly. This is not a worry with this product there is ver little shadow that comes through on the back side of the page and definitely no bleeding. I will highly recommend this product for the person that needs to keep track of several projects and plans. I made the decision to get all the apps available and see what works best for me this year. I have already found that the 'Doodle' app pages are great to help me focus and sketch a quick idea as is the 'Idea Station' to get a quick mind map going and see the interrelations of a project and the various steps. September 1, 2013
You Nailed This Agenda! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this agenda! You brought back the heaver paper and the organizational qualities are a plus. It's nice to have a pop of color, too. In my opinion, a better, more functional product and at a less expensive cost as the tabs are included. Bonus! Thank you! August 21, 2013
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