Circa smartPlanner REPLENISH (Master Agenda Refill + all apps) - Levenger
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Circa smartPlanner REPLENISH refill  9-app pack
Circa smartPlanner REPLENISH refill  9-app pack
Circa smartPlanner Agenda Refill & Sampler 2014

Circa smartPlanner REPLENISH refill 9-app pack

For higher productivity, use the planner with its own system of apps
Welcome to the Circa smartPlanner, the innovative planner that lets you choose the way you want to put it all together. The weekly Master Agenda is the centerpiece of this intuitive system. It works just fine by itself. But it works even better when you add the Circa smartPlanner paper-based apps. The Circa smartPlanner REPLENISH comes with both the Master Agenda and all nine of the organizational apps: Contacts, Doodler, Keep & Share Notes, Ideation Station, Meeting Notes, Scheduler, Take-With Lists, To Do and Travel Tamer

Power on with the Master Agenda
The Master Agenda features weekly and monthly calendar sheets, monthly tabs, and a perpetual calendar. All are on high-quality paper and with soft shadings of color that help you in your organizing.

Power up your Master Agenda with the apps
Embedded in the word “paper” is the word “app.” Add the paper-based Circa smartPlanner apps to your Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda Refill, and now you have a planner that’s both loaded with productivity and fortified with fun. Each app helps you get organized in a different way. Place them wherever they work best for you in your agenda---all are on Circa-punched paper.
  • Weekly, monthly and perpetual calendars
  • “Belongs to” page for identification
  • Yearly calendars, 2013-2016
  • Monthly tab dividers with month-at-a-glance ruled page
  • High-quality, 100 gsm Levenger paper holds up beautifully to repeated use
  • Circa-punched pages for optimal movability
  • REPLENISH comes with all 9 paper-based apps: Contacts, Doodler, Ideation Station,  Keep & Share Notes, Meeting Notes, Scheduler, Take-With Lists, To Do, and Travel Tamer.
  • Each app pad has 25 sheets
  • Handy Junior size that works in all Circa Junior notebooks
  • Junior-size paper, 5 1/2W x 8 1/2H
Take your planner to a whole new level of customization with the Circa smartPlanner Master Agenda Refill and full set of nine organizational apps.
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