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300 Circa Rhodia Annotation Ruled Refill Sheets 4.8 5 37 37
Fountain pen friendly for Circa! I write almost exclusively with fountain pens and prefer to write on the highest quality paper to minimize feathering. My Circa notebook is my preferred business note-taking place since I can add pages, re-order or archive when it gets full. Rhodia paper is perfect for use with a fountain pen, and the extra couple of bucks over regular Circa paper (which is also not bad with fountain pens) for 300 sheets is a no brainer. September 25, 2014
Circa and Rhodia Smart ! I have so much of this paper that I keep the combined journals on A 3" binder. I keep at least three current journals and am always breaking out new sheets for yet another "project" I use fountain pens exclusively on this paper. I love it. and the old adage form follows function....qed. oh, and Circa in a boon for a lefty like myself. Thanks.... August 13, 2015
Makes handwriting a joy This is simply wonderful paper for my fountain and Eco Roller pens. The writing is smooth, the pen strokes are sharp and there's no bleed-through. July 2, 2015
Rhodia circa I agree with others that the feel and porosity of the Rhodia / Clairefontaine paper is superior to any other I have tried in my 40-year career love affair with paper and pens. I also agree that it would be lovely if it were available in other formats as well, particularly the full-page circa sheets. Please forward my request to the appropriate department for tallying of votes! July 2, 2015
The most fountain pen friendly paper Those that use fountain pens have probably have the experience of feathering, ghosting, and bleedthrough. As with Rhodia paper in its other forms, this paper is very FP friendly. Additional benefit of incorporating the advantages of the Circa system without need for obtaining a Circa hole punch. June 11, 2015
Love this paper! I write with mechanical pencils and fountain pens mostly, but I love even the way ballpoints write on this glassy, gorgeous paper. June 4, 2015
Serious note taker The Annotation Ruled sheets are just what I need. For my work, I learn very abstract concepts and design courses. I use these and the storyboard sheet, which allow me to separate my notes onto two different kinds and then combine them to make a third and final array of information for superb conveyance of information. May 7, 2015
Love the texture I am fairly new to all things Levenger but I have quickly found a new obsession. The Rhodia annotation ruled paper is amazing. I am a big fan of a good texture in my paper and love the silky feel of this (it also doesn't hurt that the ruling is printed in my favorite color). I also appreciate that it is substantial without being overly thick or heavy. I do have to say, pricing is still pretty steep. I agree that yes sometimes you have to pay more for better quality, but I admit I did give an extra star because I I got a great sale price. I would probably never buy this at full price but a decent sale may be too much to resist when I start running low. January 22, 2015
No Substitute Look, I'm as frugal as they come. I'll admit I often print out my own Circa pages for organizing business meetings and notes, but *nothing* replaces this paper. I use a porous point extra fine pen when I travel and it doesn't bleed through. I gave some to a writer friend who likes to write longhand and was feeling stuck. After simply stroking the paper for a good three minutes he disappeared into the guest room until his wife insisted he come eat. The next day he was still gushing about how great the paper felt, how nice it was that when he had an idea for something else he could simply turn the page, jot it down, and pull it out to be neatly organized for later, how much it made him want to write. It sounds cliche, but its true- this paper makes you want to write. January 4, 2015
300 Circa Rhodia Annotation Ruled Refill Sheets This is my favorite Circa paper. The paper provides for a very smooth writing experience and I love the color. September 11, 2014
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