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Circa Junior Daily Planner Refill 4 5 6 6
Love these! I love the quality of this paper. I love being able to buy them at a fantastic price later in the year! I stock up as much as I can when they are on sale. I can't affored them at regular cost, so this makes is special! Great deal! December 17, 2012
Great with Caveats This is a very expensive planner; I have used the moleskine daily planner for years, but have been wanting to try the Circa. This year I did, but was disappointed with a few things; first, as has been mentioned before, while I bought the whole year, it did not come with rings or cover; there were no monthly tabs. When I bought the monthly tabs, I found that there was no break between months so the tabs do not fit in properly between the months. I am very disappointed in the lack of attention to detail on an expensive product like this. Also, the nickle and diming on the "extras" like monthly tabs, cover and rings while they are included in the other, less expensive agendas. January 18, 2012
You changed it!! When this product was introduced a few years ago I was ecstatic. However it appears they changed the paging sequence between months for 2012 so there is no break between the months within a quarter. The last page of January is printed on the 1st page of February, so there is no clean break for the tabbed monthly index sheets. Greatly disappointed in the change. They took a 5 star product and made it a 4 star propduct and I will no longer purchase the monthly tabbed index sheets! January 5, 2012
Good overall BUT Annoying Changes to 2012 Pgs As a person who uses the Circa System every year, I ordered the 2012 refill expecting no problems. Although I can appreciate making changes, changes are not always an improvement. The 2012 daily pages have printed the appointment page for Feb 1 on the back of the task list for Jan 31. This is so irritating because this does not allow me to insert the monthly tabs between the months. Also, the pages have printed Birthdays/Annivesaries on back of March 31 task list page. WIsh Levenger just printed basic lined "Notes" pages on backside of end of months pages. Index items (Birthdays/Anniversaries/etc) are better if separate where user can put them at back or front of planner without trying to find them in middle of monthly pages. Still a good product but few annoyances with 2012 pages. Although changes are annoying, I still would recommend Circa system, esp for Left Handers...nothing beats it! December 31, 2011
Daily Planner Refill 2012 Love the circa products and have used the planned for 2 years. What I'm NOT happy about for the 2012 planner refills is that they ommitted the monthly tabs. Unless you order the WHOLE year...you don't get the tabs that have the month on it. Not a good idea. Makes for an unhappy customer. December 19, 2011
Disappointed I was so excited to learn about the new additions in this years Daily Planner (i.e., personal information page, birthdays & anniversaries). However, some of these additions make it impossible to utilize throughout the year because they are printed on the front/back of the daily pages. Also, it seems in an effort to save pages, they have printed the appointment page for Feb 1 on the back of the task list for Jan 31. This does not allow me to insert the monthly tabs between the months. I would like the additional pages but without the additional changes from the 2011 Daily Planner pages. November 23, 2011
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