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Circa Junior Weekly Agenda 2012 2.8 5 6 6
Love it! I love this planner! The quality of the paper is as good as it gets, definitely worth the price. I love the gray color palette and the modern, updated font. I'm glad there are no time blocks, just the lines and the check mark boxes to the right. I like that each week has a three month calendar at the bottom, as well as the perforated corners you can tear off of to easily find the current week. What I don't like is that the weeks are continuous, making it difficult to separate the sections by month. I like to only carry one semester's worth of my planner at a time, with the ability to add dividers between months. I know I may not be the target audience here, being a 25-year-old female college student, but I really like this version of the planner and if Levenger decides to revert back to the older style of the 2011 planner (with the previous, outdated font, small boxes to the left of the lines, and no lines between days) in years to come, I won't be a repeat customer. Please keep this style! If nothing else, sell it as a "Student Planner" for your younger audience! March 21, 2012
Bad layout I love the Circa agendas and have used them for years. I switched this year from the letter size to the junior size. I loved the weekly layout in the letter size, but do not care for the weekly layout used in the junior size. First, weekends can be reduced in size and the space for M-F increased. Second, I would like times inserted in the M-F blocks. January 5, 2012
Very Disappointed I buy the weekly refills and monthly calendars every year. For 2012, the quality and design is so poor that it will be my last. Among other problems, the months run consecutively, with no breaks, which does not allow you to properly insert the monthly tabs in the planner. I'll be sending the product back for a refund. January 1, 2012
Skip the 2012 edition - Just plain ugly I have been using the Circa Junior since 2006 when I received a set as a gift. So I have a personalized leather binder. Even with that, I'm planning on returning this year's calendar. It is so bad a third grader could design it better. The redesign includes an ugly color, Micky-Mouse style font, pages with ugly layout, and generally something that I do NOT want to look at all day long on my desk. At the store the rep told me the 2013 edition will revert to the previous style. I hope so. In the meantime, not sure what I will do. But I can make something better than this from plain paper for 2012, and I might do so. November 19, 2011
Agenda Planner This planner used to include a 2-page month-at-a-glance calendar for each month and doesn't any longer. Now I have to buy this separately for $19 if I want this feature. October 31, 2011
Couldn't live without it I have used the Levenger Agenda for years and could not get along with out it. I originally was unsure if I would like the junior size but it is perfect. It is small enough to fit in almost any bag I have with me, and still large enough for me to write in multiple items per day. I use it for everything: work, school, personal. The pages are thick so ink doesn't bleed thru and they can withstand being handled repeatedly. The extra pages for addresses, birthday, weather etc are always an added bonus and each year more seem to be included. Even with a blackberry and online calendars I still prefer and depend upon my Levenger agenda! February 9, 2011
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