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Circa Page Tabs Notebook 4.7 5 9 9
A delightful part of a larger whole This part of the circa system adds a level of functionality to the whole line. Used as dividers, the distinct colors and page layouts help keep things well organized. July 2, 2015
The answer I've been looking for I really love this notebook system and it was such a great price for a trial run. I have been keeping client notes in a combination of spiral notebooks and 3-ring binders but it always annoyed me that the binder was so bulky and the spiral didn't let me adjust my dividers. Enter the Circa notebook. Totally the best of both worlds. I will probably end up buying one of the leather covers since I carry it around in my bag and I want a sturdier exterior for the notes. June 9, 2015
tabbed pages work great as dividers In the way I use my Circa notebooks, I need a lot of dividers so I actually use these tabbed pages as 30-sets-of-3 dividers. They are just enough different in weight from the regular refill paper to work nicely as divider/separators, but not anywhere near as weighty as the 5-tabbed dividers, so my notebooks do not become excessively heavy. Maybe this isn't the expected use, but it works well for me. This notebook is a particularly great value for me when it goes on sale!! April 16, 2015
Curious Purchase Originally purchased for the extra discs and plastic shell. The tabbed paper is helpful and will last me for a long time. March 12, 2015
Very convenient So wonderful to be able to remove and reinsert pages. This is my first Circa product, and I am hooked. I don't love all of the different page designs; the ruled ones work better for me. But since it gives you a sample of three different kinds of pages, this notebook is a good introduction to the Circa system--you can figure out what works best for your style. March 6, 2015
Great flexibility I love the ability to be able to change the different pages around and that each page has its one tab. I have another notebook and switch pages back and forth between each of them. February 15, 2015
good concept I had to purchase a calendar to go into it because I needed a two year calendar in a notebook like this. However, after I added that, then this notebook is great. I can easily take out a page and draw or write a concept out and then place it back in or make copies for others. I also like the tabs on each page. The cover makes it a little bulky but I'm okay with that. February 12, 2015
Organization This is not a notebook, this is a Solution Book. This Solution Book is amazing, the ability to remove pages and insert them elsewhere is absolutely the best part. Instead of carrying multiple notebooks I now have 1 Solution Book with everything I need. Everyone in my office now has one of these because of me! February 5, 2015
Excellent Great for organizing and mixing with other Circa products. January 8, 2015
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