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Circa Pullout Calendar Letter 5 5 5 5
Indispensible It's wonderful to be able to see a whole year (actually, two) in one place. Very helpful for long-term planning. My whole office wants one! February 2, 2008
Year on a page Although the spaces are understandably small, I love the pullout format to see the whole year at a glance and the next year on the flip side. It is most useful for planning larger blocks of time like trips and major deadlines. It has to be used with a more detailed calendar to schedule down to the hour. But that was expected -- hourly calendars can't show you the year on one page. February 1, 2008
A year or two at once This is a wonderful way to see and plan your year. The paper is hefty, with excellent print and style. A very nice addition to any Circa planner or notebook. December 4, 2007
Great for staying on track I love the pullout calendar for tracking events in advance. Since I always take my Circa Notebook to meetings no future date can escape me! October 17, 2007
Great Supplement to Electronic Calendars and PDA's If you're like me, you keep an electronic calendar (e.g. Microsoft Outlook). Even though electonic calendars are great, there are times when a good-old paper calendar comes in handy during meetings, or when tracking who is staying at your beach house during the summer, or tracking dates for theater tickets you bought three months in the advance. This is a terrific product for "at a glance" reminders of important dates and personal commitments without fidgeting with Blackberry keys or firing up your laptop. And, at only $8, you can't beat the value! July 31, 2007
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