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Great Looking Notebook I'm a bit of a collector of Levenger notebooks, but this one is really fun. Same great quality of all of the other notebooks, but with fun colors. The notebook paper is really fun and functional - got complements on it in a recent training session I attended! I think that this is a great selection for a classroom notebook. March 12, 2015
Extremely misleading product images I purchased the green and orange cross-dot notebook and was very disappointed when I received the item. From the pictures, I was under the impression that the green and orange flysheet was actually a plastic cover. Yes, perhaps I should have read the description more closely, but the pictures for the product do not show the translucent covers that are actually on the product. You can actually see in the first picture that the translucent covers are purposely moved to the back of the notebook! The images are actually intentionally misleading! In addition to the flysheet not being a plastic cover, I had a few other issues with the product. I know that my comments are a little on the nitpicky side, but for the price of Levenger products, I think I can afford to nitpick (and reviews are for feedback). The back flysheet and plastic cover were a little bit damaged when I received them. The plastic cover is permanently curved, and the flysheet is not sturdy enough and is a little bent. Another thing to note is that, although not very noticeable, the orange color from the flysheet actually rubs off onto the notebook paper. Other than the above issues I have with this notebook, it functions just as any other plastic cover Circa notebook would. The pages turn well and the paper seems to be good quality with the exception of (strangely) a single page in the notebook with a small oil stain on it. Overall, the value and quality of this product seems questionable, especially when you can get essentially the same translucent notebook for cheaper with bigger discs (no paper, but with a punch you can add your own). As someone who has only recently discovered Levenger and the Circa notebook system, I'm disappointed with the quality of this item. March 11, 2015
Wonderful! Great notebook. Love the cross-dots. Paper is high quality. February 13, 2015
Great gifts! I bought fifteen of these Circa notebooks in the junior size to give as gifts. I also used tab dividers and pockets to individualize them for the recipients. Added to each notebook a sharpie pen and highlighter to make the ultimate "study" notebook. Very happy with the quality--as usual--and hope I will win over some more friends to Levenger. February 13, 2015
Love Circa! I bought several of these during the recent sale so I could stock up on my Circa notebooks. The sale price was great and I enjoy having different notebook/paper designs to choose from. The plastic covers are indestructible, the quality of the paper contained within is a delight to write upon. The ease of rearranging pages in the notebooks make this the perfect notebook system. I have shared my Circa notebooks with my daughters and now, they refuse to use any other notebook! January 22, 2015
Levenger wins again I've used Circa for years, at home, work and in class. When I want to jot down an idea or information, I have two choices: I can open my Macbook Air (over $2000, a minute of my time and a pound to carry around), or I can open my circa (a second, under $20 and a few ounces!) You and Circa win most of the time, Levenger! Great job on the pocket, colors and refill styles. My punch and larger rings allow me to add and organize "strays" of all kinds. August 10, 2014
Love the dual rule paper I also like the gusseted pocket, since it help keeps paper in when the notebook is stored disc-side up. Love the orange covers. July 16, 2014
Levenger does it again! I really can't wait to get the new academic year started now that I have a new circa. Notebook. I really like the pages with dots and the ease of moving ideas and actions around. I highly recommend tis notebook. June 2, 2014
Great Product! Love My Circa!! I love the line of circa products! I love the quality of the paper and the covers, discs everything that goes with it. They are just wonderful for keeping track of things! I love the bright jacket cover colors and the variety! I love Circa products I will never go back to a plain old notebook! Thank you for making this available at an affordable price! May 15, 2014
Love it! I purchased these notebooks for my team at work to help keep us all organized through the year. They are large enough for all our notes yet small enough to not be a carrying burden. Thank you January 25, 2014
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