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Circa smartPlanner Agenda Sampler 2014 4.6 5 34 34
Cool calendar This calendar circa has a lot of ways to stay on track. I like the look of the cover and the various pages make it easy to be organized. The fact that I can simply purchase refills for the next year is a huge plus. June 4, 2014
Awesome Bought the full year for just $.95 more than the July-Dec. Worth it for May-June! May 22, 2014
Great! Awesome planner that I purchased for my wife. After looking through it I want one for myself. March 20, 2014
Great I can not function without a paper planner. This is the best one I have ever used. Love it. March 15, 2014
Love This Oh wonderful, wonderful planner, where have you been all of my life!! Dig this!! Great for school. March 2, 2014
Tried and True - keeps me organized! I tried going digital with app calendars, but alas I am a traditionalist and function better with good old fashioned paper planners. This agenda has energetic, inspiring orange colored tabs with subtle muted pages that make it pleasant to write on and visually pleasing to the eye. The set up is perfect for seeing month at a glance and week at a glance. I often use a fountain pen while writing in this agenda and there is no bleed through on the pages. Very nice quality paper. I look forward to using it everyday and I will purchase again in 2015. March 2, 2014
Love the ease of use I had been printing my email calendar every week, punching it and then putting it into a junior size circa folder. Glad that I finally made the switch and bought this planner. Love the ease of use, plenty of room to write and it is so much easier to work with my daily schedule. It has made my daily planning activities a breeze. February 19, 2014
Great Planner! I've just recently been trying to make my life a bit more "analog". I'm very much a techy and love my devices, but there is something very satisfying about putting pen to paper. I purchased this planner during a weekly special, and I'm very glad that I did. I've just started to use it, and I'm still getting a feel for my personal planning style (and how to incorporate it with my very digital world), but the quality of this product is top-notch! My only word of caution is that my Lamy Studio medium fountain pen (which does put down a very substantial line) does bleed through the paper. I've simply defaulted to using my rollerballs with this planner. I guess it's time to purchase and try a fine nib fountain pen! February 16, 2014
The Best Way To Organize For whatever reason, one month into 2014 and I had not purchased any sort of desk calendar or daily planner. Then, late in January, a Levenger email led me to an easy decision. Levenger had an item on sale. For years I was sold on the concept of Circa, but not until I purchased Circa smartPlanner Agenda & Sampler 2014 did I realize what I had been missing. I can't recall a time when I have made a purchase and immediately -- right out of the box -- put that product to use. The planner, the multiple calendars, and the Circa App Sampler is what I needed. The first day I started using smartPlanner I reduced my paper-based technologies from three to one. The three were: 1) A ring binder calendar to keep track of my day-to-day activities; 2) A small stapled brochure monthly calendar to keep track of my daily running/jogging record, and 3) My "Desk Sheet." My "desk sheet" is an 11" x 17" sheet of paper (brightly colored, if available) folded in half, forming a four page booklet 8-1/2" x 11" in size. On any given day when I knew that the majority of my time was going to be spent at my desk, the first thing I did was to make a desk sheet. I would jot down tasks that I knew had to be accomplished that day, and then this piece of paper became the depository of everything else; notes, phone numbers and phone messages, meeting schedules, appointments, To Do list, spontaneous new developments, and unexpected ideas that pop up during the course of a work day. I was amazed how fast I filled 4 pages with handwritten information. For years, the desk sheet worked for me. The only drawback had been that as the day progressed, more stuff piled up on my desk and, at times, I had to go searching for the desk sheet. As I mentioned, a brightly colored desk sheet was preferable. That first day using smartPlanner I gave up my desk sheet. The smartPlanner is compact and easier to locate on my desk, the Doodle App pages are colorful enough, and when I fill up one Doodle page I just insert another (upside down if I so desire!) where I need it in the smartPlanner. As I said, from three paper-based sources to one. With smartPlanner I use the weekly planner sheets for my day-to-day and weekly activities, the monthly planner sheets record my almost daily exercise routine, and the Apps keep my office work flowing. I'm a 3 x 5 guy. I have kept a stack of note cards clipped together and in my shirt pocket for a good 20 odd years. With all of today's technological advances, I still find the simple index card to be the best way to keep track of all the tasks that need to be completed, and all the goals that need to be met. I will most certainly be purchasing Levenger's 3 x 5 Special Requestâ„¢ Blank Circa PDA Cards and Behance Action Cards to upgrade the elements in my smartPlanner. I also keep a journal. I try to write a page a day and, believe it or not, I actually write in cursive. For several years I have been contemplating journal writing using a Circa product, and a decision has been made. My next journal will be a letter sized Circa notebook. Then, even from the cramped confines of a airline coach seat, I will be able to write in comfort. With Circa's flexibility, prior to boarding an aircraft, I can remove a few blank sheets, or fold the notebook, and not be burdened with a cumbersome, stitched journal. And, in terms of versatility, inserting paper or photo additions to any journal entry is only a Circa Leverage Punch away. I should have done this years ago. I purchased my smartPlanner at the end of January. Yesterday, after showing it to a friend, I purchased one for her (the smartPlanner Master Agenda 2014 is still on sale!). It didn't take long for my friend, who runs a small business, to see the advantages of using Circa to organize all aspects of her business. We are only seven weeks into the new year. I highly recommend the smartPlanner Master Agenda 2014. To sum it up, smartPlanner has become a part of my daily life, in -- or out -- of the office. My new mini-office on the road is a smart phone, a small Bluetooth keyboard, and my smartPlanner. That's it. Oh, and a few 3 x 5 cards. Just can't seem to let those go. My shirt pocket would seem empty without them. February 16, 2014
Great size and compact I have had other planners that take up more space and bulk. This planner is easy to use and allows me to see appointments by month and week. I recommend it for anyone to use. February 15, 2014
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