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LapLander with Ledge- Natural Cherry W/Monogram
  • LapLander with Ledge- Natural Cherry W/Monogram
  • LapLander with Ledge- Natural Cherry W/Monogram
  • LapLander with Ledge- Natural Cherry W/Monogram
  • LapLander with Ledge- Natural Cherry W/Monogram
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Laplander Lap Desk

Price: $59.00
Item: FA4240
The lap desk that sits well with you
Your lap needs a flat surface to help you comfortably read a book or work on a laptop or tablet computer. Enter the Laplander lap desk, which offers that perfect landing spot for reading, writing, browsing and working.
  • Soft, supple, removable cushion
  • Filled with hypoallergenic poly beads
  • Cushion also insulates you from the heat of a laptop
  • Ledge helps keep your reading material in place
  • Elastic straps keep your papers plus your pen and glasses in place
  • One strap has built-in dual pen loops
  • Both straps are removable
  • In natural cherry veneer with a cream cushion, or dark cherry with a black cushion
  • 23W x 15 3/4D x 2 1/2H; 2.8 pounds
The comfortable lap desk for book or tablet, only from Levenger
LapLander with Ledge 4.9 5 9 9
Great buy, better service I purchased the Laplander so that I could do more work away from the desk. This product is perfect for what I need. I not only would recommend this product, I've already done so to the person who introduced me to Levenger. This is a fantastic buy, and is well worth the price. It is actually much lighter than I'd expected, yet sturdier than I'd anticipated as well. February 22, 2014
Very Good for Bedtime Reading and Writing As stated in the title, the Laplander lap desk is very good for reading and writing in bed, or on a lounger. The table is just the right size, and the pillow is removable. February 15, 2014
Make someone happy I purchased this for my partner who likes to study in bed. She is much more comfortable and the notebook computer no longer overheats. February 3, 2014
Love it. I buy lots of them... Excellent lap desk. I work from home and have it on my lap in my recliner (winter) or my lawn chair (summer) 8-10+ hours per day. I buy them for all of my clients. Have bought 50 or more by now. It was already stylish, functional, elegant, and lightweight, but they keep improving it -- adding a ledge to keep the laptop from sliding down, reversing the halves of the Velcro so the half on the wood doesn't pill your trousers where you remove the cushion, etc. A little pricey, but a great product. --Fred January 20, 2014
good for laying on sofa I got the natural cherry laptop desk. I like the lap desk with it's removable cushion underneath. The only bad part about the ability to remove the cushion is the self stick hoop and lock tape pulls up. It doesn't stay stuck down. But you can push it back down. I can use it fro writing with the cushion on. Unfortunately the lip won't hold my computer on the desk even with the cushion off. That is the one major disappointment that kept it from getting all five stars. Overall, it is nice and need not be hidden when company comes. January 11, 2014
A great tool I recently purchased this for my boyfriend who is studying for his cfa exam. This desk works perfectly for both reading and using a laptop or tablet, he is very happy with it! He can also use the straps to hold pens, earphones, a calculator, etc. A great value! January 4, 2014
The Simplest Solutions While I usually work in an office, I have the great fortune to be able to telecommute. However, for some time, great comfort did not follow this great fortune. I shopped for a lapdesk for years--my son broke one by stepping on it, I broke a laptop that slid from another model--we obviously could not continue long in this vein. I needed something sturdy, but comfortable and functional. Levenger's Laplander Lap Desk meets these criteria and offers much more. As simple as it looks, it is completely adjustable: if I am working on a laptop or reading a heavier hardback, I can adjust the tilt to my preference (and to my posture). The surface allows for my computer to vent but NOT to slide off onto the floor while being large enough to accommodate a full-size computer and other electronic accessories under the elastic bands. This simple and elegant design is exactly what I needed, and the quality makes it a pleasure to use. December 23, 2013
Solid, stylish, anf functional I purchased this product to replace a less expensive and less functional lap desk from a large chain bookstore. I was initially impressed by the quality of this desk and have been even more impressed by its size and stability. I can comfortably use it to read a book, use an iPad with keyboard, or a full-size laptop with a mouse. When on your lap, the desk surface is fully supported by the cushion and does not bend or torque out of shape when in use, like less sturdy plastic lap desks. The support cushion appears very durable and can be adjusted on the base of the unit to customize the experience a bit based on lap preferences. The cherry finish has been durable and is quite aesthetically pleasing. The elastic retaining bands appear to be quality items, despite having only seen limited use. My only criticism is that the support cushion could be a bit wider and longer to cover more of the bottom surface of the desk. I am tall with long legs and sometimes feel the cushion could be a bit larger to better distribute the load on the work surface. December 17, 2013
Laplander This Laplander has some background...a few years ago (2008 0r 2009) I bought several Laplanders to give my teenage granddaughters and one for myself, all of them with monograms. I had another one that dated even earlier. I thought that the Laplander is a great design and I still think it is today. I love it. However, my Laplander cushion, which is attached with Velcro strips, is now dangling from the Laplander because the adhesive that attaches the Velcro strip to the Laplander surface has dried out. On November 9, I called Levenger's Customer Service and explained the problem to the Levenger rep. What I meant to do, was to ask L whether L could fix the Laplander. To my complete (and delighted) surprise the L rep said that L will send me a new Laplander (monogramed as well) and to return the old Laplander in the box, prepaid to FedEx. Four days later, the Laplander arrived. Now, my comments....the new Laplander has a ledge at the bottom, a very welcome addition. I use the Laplander to work with a laptop, iPad or a keyboard and the ledge helps a great deal. The kidney shape is also very handy. Overall, the Laplander is a great accessory, it is light weight and with the cushion is very comfortable. But, I have to sound a note of caution....the Velcro attachment may (repeat, may) dry out over time, as it did to my old Laplander. Only time will tell. Meanwhile, I will enjoy it again. I rated the "quality" at 3 stars for the Velcro weakness...everything else is 5 stars. One final comment, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the Levenger Customer Service. BRAVO, Levenger, WELL DONE! November 17, 2013
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