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lamp love it! great looking and fuctional March 9, 2014
Semi-pleased I looked forward with great anticipation at the receipt of my Multitask Lamp. It, however, arrived with a dent in the base(box was undamaged). Also, the catalog image shows a hand pull on the task light (Halogen) which was absent on my lamp. Adjusting the swing arm up or down requires effort with each position change-it's not a simple gliding motion which I expected. It looks good but I wish it was easier to use. December 17, 2013
Great stylish lamp, a little finicky The top light makes a loud buzzing sound and I wonder if this is fixable by changing the bulb or if others have this issue. The flex-light is fine, and so we use it almost exclusively due to the annoying buzz. It looks great and has helped my poor old eyes immensely. December 15, 2013
Somewhat disappointing I love this lamp and have used it successfully until I had to replace the incandescent bulb. I replaced it with the exact same bulb but now the dimmer function does not work. That is an important function for the way I use the lamp. How can I fix it? August 21, 2013
Excellent desk lamp I've been using one for over 6 years and love it. I mainly use the main incandescent lamp but the smaller task lamp is perfect for when I need some serious task lighting for a smaller area. One small complaint, the control knobs for the two different lights are colored plastic. They looked fine when I first received the lamp but over the years the left one (incandescent) has worn and now is 80% black (the actual color of the plastic under the colored out layer). Since the rest of the lamp is metal, I'm a little hard pressed as to why they chose plastic for the control knob. It turns an otherwise near "heirloom" quality lamp into a really good lamp with an ugly knob. And one suggestion, the halon task lamp is nice and bright but I think a redesign to an LED bulb is long overdue. The halon bulb does get quite hot and eventually will burn out (mine hasn't yet) and they are a real pain to replace, an LED would be good for the life of the lamp. Overall, I'd still highly recommend the lamp. In fact, I just ordered a second one (in polished nickel this time) for my reading chair. Still plastic control knobs and halon task light though but it is a great lamp regardless. May 17, 2013
Design / Manufacturing Flaw I have now purchased 3 of these lamps. One arrived, and works great, and the other two each have had the control light broken on the inside. Some tiny piece of bakeolite plastic about 2-mm across arrives from its manufacturing point with it sheared off. I just arranged for a FedEx pick-up of the one I already arranged to return. If the glue doesn't work, I will be sending the other one back. Seriously, Levenger follks, you should ask for some quality assurance from the manufacturer. We bought them on sale for $149, and I notice it is back up to $199. Not worth the $149, and definitely not worth $199. :( January 26, 2013
Versatile Desk Lamp My wife and I bought three of these lamps in 2007 and have used them almost daily at our desks ever since. We have replaced only one low voltage bulb (a two minute task) in that whole time and when one of the task arms became a little loose, a quick tighten of the two screws with an allen wrench fixed it. Very versatile and practical, I'm about to order another one as a recent severe lightning strike on our home damaged the low voltage power supply in just one of the three lamps and my insurance will pay for the replacement. Highly recommended. September 23, 2012
Unsatisfactory - Poor value The table lamp is too tall. The task light gets too hot. The adjustable arm binds and then flops. After a year, the task light controller died and I can't find a replacement on the Internet. The dimmer manufacturer's site doesn't function. The internal dimmer construction is very sloppy. I've had good results with other Levenger lamps, but this one is substandard. Levenger and I were both duped on this one. December 28, 2011
Good look & functional First, I was afraid by some bad reviews of this lamp. Fortunately, mine did not have any issues with the dimmer or anything else. I am using it on my home office and use it everyday. To me, it looks great and the dimmers make it easy to get perfect lighting depending on general room light condition. 200$ is a bit expensive for me (student) but great lighting is a key for long working hours. November 16, 2011
Quality As with all Levenger products, you can't beat the quality. This lamp has the weight and finish of a fine piece of art. You can spend less, but a lamp from WalMart gets you a lamp from WalMart. This lamp will last a lifetime. September 3, 2011
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